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Southern Style Now 2017 Kitchen Before & After – Lisa Mende Design

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So you have seen the after of this kitchen I designed for the Southern Style Now ShowHouse in Savannah but wondering what it looked like when I took on the project?
Feast your eyes on the before…..
Click Here to see the before and learn more….
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This is how the kitchen looked on my initial visit to Savannah.  As you can see we removed a window to create the final sink/dishwasher/refrigerator wall above to make this room functional in this historical home.  The window did not serve a purpose so I decided to close it.  It did not shed light on the space due to the home next door being so close in proximity.  The window also compromised privacy as you could see into the neighboring resident and them into this one.  Sometimes you have to think outside of the box when renovating an older home.  People live differently now than in year past.  
In this case, we also had to pay close attention to historical guidelines in order to receive tax credits needed for the renovation. 
I will share more of the before and after photos next year after it is published next in Traditional Home magazine but for now this is all I can share.  This is one issue you will not want to miss.  All the designers in this house created beautiful rooms in this lovely historical residence that need love and attention.  Until the publication comes out you may find sneak peeps on instagram if you click on the hastag #southernstylenow or go to Traditional Home Magazine or Southern Style Nows instagram accts.
Would you like to see another before and after of a historical renovation project?  I’ll be posting about some other projects soon.  Until then, here is where my inspiration for the Savannah kitchen color came from….
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Can you see the blue paint underneath all the layers?  I’m guessing at one point this room which is rumored to have been a bedroom was blue.  Yes that’s right, the blue inspiration came from this wall and it happens to be one of my favorite colors.  When you don’t have a client you have to search for inspiration but in this case there was a homeowner but he liked the idea of blue as well so I was lucky!  Cannot wait to share more next year!  This was a really fun project.  I fell in love with Savannah in the process so there will be more visits to the “City of Hospitality” in my future!  
Our firm has completed a number of historical renovations.  If you have a project and would like to inquire about our process please contact us at
We love historical renovation projects and will be taking a limited number in 2018.  We are currently accepting project for Feb 2018.  
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