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David Hicks: Scrapbooks – Review and Giveaway!!

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When I think about David Hicks, I cannot help but also think about James Bond, maybe it is because they were both British, but I think also because both had an air of mystery and intrigue, not to mention extremely handsome and debonnaire.  
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I know everyone knows who James Bond was, and I’m quite sure most of my readers know who David Hicks was, but in case you have been hiding under a collard leaf, here is a quick intro to remind you..
English Interior Designer, David Hicks, known for his geometric designs and bold use of color as well as his British royal clientele, has always been a favorite of mine.  His work is as relevant today as it was when he originally designed in a five-decade period which spanned from the 1950’s into the 1990’s.  I was especially excited when I learned David Hick’s son had compiled the book David Hicks: Scrapbooks.
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Hicks was known for chronicling his work and life in scrapbooks.  The designer also claims fame inventing the word “tablescapes”  which is a much-used word today in interior design.  Hicks found immense pleasure in life’s details, so much so, that he kept ticket stubs, personal letters from his clients and newspaper articles and anything that meant something to him and compiled his treasures in scrapbooks.   Actually, there were twenty-five volumes of scrapbooks, his son, Ashley Hicks, culled through to create this condensed version of Hick’s mementos.  These precious scrapbooks have become David Hick’s legacy.  Reading this book and devouring page after page of Hick’s life and work makes me want to go buy scrapbooks and start pasting.  This is an act I have never considered in my life. Of course, my life isn’t as glamorous or interesting as Hick’s life which included celebrity clients as well as royalty.  
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Ashley Hicks has done a remarkable job of including items we all find most interesting.  He gives just enough of a glimmer of Hicks personal life to make us wish we had been raised in such an interesting and glamorous home. 

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I have always loved this picture of Hick’s children in the playroom with the stage he custom built for them.  I mean honestly wouldn’t we all have loved that?  The children’s toys looked like museum pieces.  No legos or tinker toys in this household to jumble up the place.  Don’t’ misunderstand, I’m not making fun of Hicks, but quite the contrary as a designer, I would love to have chronicled my children’s lives so picturesque.   I think that is what gives me so much pleasure while reading this book.  The book allows me to fantasize about how wonderful life was in the Hick’s home.  
I also enjoyed reading the many press cutting about Hick’s work and learned so much more about the varied things he achieved in his life and work.
This book is a biography in scrapbook form lovingly compiled by someone who lived the dream by Hick’s side which makes it all the more interesting and quaint.  It is the greatest compliment and tribute a child could pay to a parent!  
Kudos Ashley Hicks for a job well done!  I would suggest you all go buy this book if you are a David Hick’s fan like myself.  If you aren’t, then I still suggest you buy the book because you will fall madly in love with the man and his life. 
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