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Create The Perfect Market Plan At High Point Market!

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Today, I’m sharing a not so secret weapon for tackling High Point Market.  However, if you are not using this app you must download it and start using it NOW!  It is called the “My Market” app and was designed by High Point Market to help attendees organize their market trip.  Down the app from the app store and create an account to sync your list across iPhone, ipad, and   Save your favorite events & exhibitors in your MyMarket schedule to keep your visit organized.  

Click here to keep reading and find out why this app is so great!

What is so great about using the app you ask?
1)You can find exhibitors you already buy from as well as discover new ones by using filters to discover who has the products you are looking for at market.
2) You can open links on the web or directly in the app to add to your MyMarket Schedule
3) You can send events and exhibitors to your friends from the app
4) By clicking on MyMarket at the top right of the program you can find market locations and exhibitors near you or you can choose to show only your MyMarket stops to focus on only the showrooms you have chosen to visit.  It also allows you to locate elevators and escalators as well as any other showrooms you want to visit indoors. 
5)  Think of the MyMarket as your own personal market GPS.  Let’s face it, the footprint of High Point market can be daunting especially if you new to the market.   The MyMarket app will help you get around by showing you the fastest route to where you want to go.  It will also show you where you are and don’t laugh…sometimes you can get so turned around you might wonder.  The map is awesome and shows exactly where everything is in the palm of your hand!
6) No papers to keep up with!  It is all in the palm of your hand!  I cannot tell you how many times I have left my market schedule in a showroom and had to backtrack to retrieve it. With this app, you will always have it right there unless you leave your phone!  
7) It is green!  Save paper and your backs folks!  No printing required, No carrying around the heavy market guide!

8) The app list all the events by times then you can click on the events and click on the star and it will add that event to your schedule!  How simple is that? The same applies to showrooms.  Simply star the ones you want select a day, and time and it goes on your schedule!  Voila’

9)  The about page gives showroom hours, market dates, tips & insights and frequently asked questions.  

10) Confused as to how to use the app?  Click tutorial at the top right and it will walk you through the steps.  

So, go to the app store and download MyMarket app right now!!!  Make sure to sign up and put all your info in so you can access what you need to do at market.  Remember, a well-planned market means each minute is planned and you get all the to do’s on your list accomplished!!!!
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