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What’s In and What’s Out In Home Decor in 2018

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This is something I am adding because honestly, I think Manners have been out of style for the past few years and I want to see Manners on the ‘In” list and I want them to say there!
Practice having good manners at home for your kids, in traffic and in the workplace!  In my opinion, good manners should be at the top of every list!

 Color is back in every room in the house!
 Not just pastels but bold, intense color!  Yay!  I know so many of you love white and grey, but seriously color is back in the game!  Hooray for those of us who love color!   We are seeing color in kitchens too which is exciting.  Rumor has it that sage green is going to be huge in 2018!
Crittall Windows
Metal Grid Windows in custom sizes are adding interest to homes across the nation.
Painted Brick
I have always loved a painted brick home but it seems to be a big trend now especially in the South.  Homeowners are painting brick Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Benjamin Moore Ballet White and Behr Ultra Pure White and Farrow and Ball All White with  Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey, or Farrow and Ball Hardwick White Trim and others but these are very popular
Colorful Front Doors
Homeowners are painting their front doors a bright cheery color to add personality to their homes.  Orange, aqua, yellow, green, red, the sky is the limit on colorful front doors.
Mixed Metals 
 Mixed metals have been popular for the past couple of years but now bigger than ever.  We are mixing metals all over the place. Unlacquered brass, copper, oil-rubbed bronze, and stainless just made a debut in a kitchen I designed in Savannah.  Everyone says rose gold is waning, but honestly it never got a chance in my book.  Rose gold success was fleeting. 
Return to Traditional 
However, it won’t be our grandmother’s dining table or perhaps it might just minus the chairs.  Traditional furniture mixed with more modern elements is growing in popularity.  Look for more homeowners to embrace antiques in their decors.  The furniture will be sleeker but still, have traditional vibes.  There will be a return to stained furniture.  
The Dining Room
The dining room is back!  People are enjoying the return to the act of graceful dining with pretty china and place cards. 
Stained Wood in Kitchens
White kitchens will always be classic but they won’t be on trend in 2018.  I’m seeing a return to stain cabinetry.  However, the woods are a little more exotic.  Pecky cypress, Knotty Alder and other interesting woods.
 Globally Inspired Furnishings
From baskets and tiles to rugs, items from India, Turkey, Marrakesh and basically anywhere traveled is big.  
Designer Brands
Bigger than ever, we all like designer brands whether it is shoes, pocketbooks or home decor.  Bring it on in 2018.  
Being Unique is Cool! 
From furniture, art, and fabrics to lighting, everyone is gravitating to one of a kind furnishings for their homes rather than running off to buy what everyone else has at Restoration Hardware. Homeowners are appreciating the value of not looking like their neighbors.  
Fabric and Wallpaper from Art
Artists are creating fabrics and wallpapers from their art so your entire room can be a canvas now.  Check out Windy O’Connor,Jill Seale, Lindsey Cowles
 Tile with Pattern and Dimension
  Subway tiles are great and in my opinion classic, but there are some beautiful new patterned tiles on the market and people are loving them. From custom patterns to concrete and undulating tiles, there are so many interesting tiles on the market today.  Speaking of tile, tile is no longer designated just for the backsplash in a kitchen or the tub area of a bathroom.  Entire rooms are being tiled as are complete walls in kitchens.  
Colors that are In
Blue and green have had a heyday for the past couple of years but yellow and green are on the horizon!  Look for more to come!  Shades of bright yellow, neon as well as yellow gold in amber shades.  Green will range from sage to neon and anything in between with a yellow cast.  Also, red has made a big hit as of late.  Reds range from bright lipstick red to warm persimmon tones, as well as clay, will be players in the market.  Plan to see warmer hues in home decor green, red, amber are all big as well as gold and yellow.  We are still seeing peach, pink and salmon too but those are being upstaged by the warmer tones.
Abstract art continues to be huge. Abstract faces, abstract designs, cubist landscapes and interesting abstract paintings are huge.  Photography in large scale is also very in vogue.  
Smart Technology
From the Apple Smart Home to Alexis connection to coffee makers who can make your favorite coffee on demand, the home continues to get smarter than ever!  New Construction is including smart home applications.  
I really Don’t want to Say What is Out in 2018 because I don’t want to offend anyone so I’ll Just Say this List is What is Waning or In My Personal Opinion Was Never In

Granite has had it limelight but it is now waning in popularity.  More homeowners will use manmade products that look like real stone such as quartz.  The love affair homeowners had in the 90’s and early 2000’s of busily patterned granite and golden hues of New Venetian gold are so yesterday!

Was it really ever in?  Not at my house.
Ok, don’t scream.  Of course, well-executed Nailheads will always be around and have a place but the excessive use of cheaply done spaced chrome looking nailheads on everything in a room is just plain over.  Not sure if it is out but possibly was like macrame and never in as far as I’m concerned.
Overscale Geometric Patterns
While geometric patterns will never go out of style they are not having the focus they have had in the past few years.  
Celebrity Endorsed Home Decor Products
Yes, these people have a major following but when we see product lines by celebrities we instantly know the companies are desperate to sell.  Get designers designing your products if you want to really grow sells that will continue.  Sure We show up at the launch to see the celebrity but do we buy these products for clients?  Sometimes but rarely.  
Lighting That is Hanging by a Cord
Please, People, buy proper lighting.  There are plenty of great lighting companies out there like Currey and Co, Circa, Louise Gaskill and more.  That wimpy cord dangling over a table with a bulb looks unfinished in every application. 
Rude People
I’m ending my list with the opposite of what I started the what’s “In” list with, so rude people are not in style and never will be.  This year try to think before you act and respond with kindness.  As my Grandmother would say “You Get More Flies with Honey than Vinegar”
Happy New Year!
  What Say Ye?  Do you Agree?  Would love to hear your thoughts!
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