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What to Do At High Point Market October 2017 ~ Lisa Mende Design

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Welcome to High Point Market Week!   Bi-Annually, High Point opens its doors to the Interior Design Industry and introduces us to the latest and greatest in Home Decor!  If you work in the interior design or home decor industry, this is an event you don’t want to miss!  Since 2013, I have written a pre-market guide to what to do and see at High Point.  I continue to write my guide because new attendee’s come each market.  I have been attending High Point Market for many years, so many so in fact, that I had to say how long because it would date me.  Let’s just say I have been coming for a long time and have seen the growth and transitions the market has gone through for several decades.  High Point Market is bigger and better than ever!  Here are my recommendations for how to best prepare for High Point Market!
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1) NO Heels required for daytime!!!! Don’t show up to High Point thinking you can walk around all day in heels unless you have a new collection launching and need to look your best but even then, most people have a comfy pair of shoes in their bag and wear the heels only for the cocktail party or the 2 hr meet and greet.  Of course if you are going out to dinner or a party then don your heels. 
There are so many great looking flats, sneakers and slides available now, you can come looking very stylish and be comfortable.  There are miles between the buildings should you choose to get your exercise in and not take the shuttle.  That being said, don’t bother bringing exercise clothes if you decide to walk all day for exercise.   I would wear sneakers, or flats or slides for daytime walking.  Of course some people like platforms and don’t want to look short so you could wear those and be perfectly fine, but watch out for the uneven sidewalks or pot holes.  The last thing you want to do is turn your ankle over and end up injured.  Flats = Smart!!!
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2)  Dress Comfortably!!!  Dressing comfortably can mean many things to many people.  Some people are comfortable in jeans, others are comfortable with a dress or skirt.  Nowadays you can be equally fashionable in either.  Save your dress outfit for the night.  I’m planning to pack comfy stylish outfits.  It is always fun to see what people are wearing.  This is a pretty fashionable crowd!

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3) What to do at Market?  Ok, since we have the fashions covered, let’s talk about what you are really going to market to accomplish.  Have you made your list?  The first thing I do is plan what and for whom do I need to shop?  I keep all my notes on my iPhone so I don’t lose the list.  Depending on what I’m looking for, I may or may not go a on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Yes, the market opens officially on Saturday morning, Oct 14th but since I am local to High Point, I often go early to grab the best merchandise especially at the Antiques and Design Center or 214 Modern.

Once I arrive at High Point Market, I typically choose which buildings or districts I am visiting by days.  These are the buildings you want to visit:

Interhall in IHFC, IHFC showrooms, The Hamilton Wrenn Design District, C&D Building, Showplace, Suites at Market Square, Market Square and 210 Elm. There are other great showrooms you may want to visit but the ones I listed are all downtown and on the bus system. 

Speaking of the bus, let’s talk transportation a minute.  The buses will take you all over High Point.  Just make sure you get on the Red line to go to any of the areas I mentioned above.  


FREE shuttles operating in a continuous loop in the downtown showroom district take you to and from every Market building, showroom, and event.
Hours of Operation
  • Friday, October 13 — Tuesday, October 17, 7:30am – 8pm
  • Wednesday, October 18, 7:30am – 6pm
Be sure to pick up a free Market Field Guide at any of the five High Point Market Information Booths
  • Commerce Avenue at Main Street
  • Transportation Terminal on Commerce Ave.
  • 200 North Hamilton Street
  • PTI Airport – Lower Level
  • Commerce Avenue at Elm Street

FREE Go-Anywhere Shuttles

Most Market showrooms, seminars, and events are served by our scheduled shuttle routes. To reach any destination within a 3-mile radius of the High Point city limits that is not served by a scheduled shuttle, including outlying showrooms, use our FREE Go-Anywhere service.
Go to the downtown Transportation Terminal or simply flag one down from any location in the Market area. You may also call 336.887.RIDE (7433) to have a shuttle dispatched to you. Go-Anywhere Shuttles will be operating from Friday, October 13 through Wednesday, October 18.
Hours of Operation
  • Friday, October 13 — Tuesday, October 17, 7:30am – 8:30pm
  • Wednesday, October 18, 7:30am – 6pm
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4)  What Events to Attend During Market:  High Point Market Events are the best! There are educational events as well as cocktail parties and book signings.  Click Here to access the entire list of events!  So what do I recommend as “Don’t Miss” events?   All the events are great but if you can get to the Designer Viewpoints Series, Keynotes, or Interior Design Summit series, those are the best for designers.

If you want to see what the Style Spotters are spotting at market make sure to follow them  their instagram names are here or look for the hashtag #highpointmarket2017  If you are still around on Tuesday morning, don’t miss their panel.  The Style Spotters work hard to uncover the trends and hot items which they share during this panel.  It is always so much fun!

The Designer Viewpoint Series and Interior Design Summit series are both a great way to get CEU’s while at market and if you are ASID like me, that is a bonus. Click here to access Designer Viewpoint Series schedule!  Click Here to Access Interior Design Summit schedule.  Make sure you bring your ASID number with you to get our CEU registered!

Here is my list for October 2017!

Designer Viewpoint Series: (All are good but these are my top picks not to miss)

Margaret Russell – Saturday 12-1  High Point Theatre IHFC  – Everytime I hear her speak I am so motivated to be a better designer.  

Getting Your Stories Published with Madcap Gents, Stacy Kunstel and others – Monday 12-1 High Point Theatre.  

How to Deliver Luxury Products in Under 90 Days – Denise McGaha  Monday 2-3 Surya showroom.  Denise is a pro on delivery and his built her business on this! 

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All Keynote speakers are fabulous!  Go to all if you can!  Click Here to see schedule

Dont Miss Keynote Series: 

****Ashley & India Hicks – Sunday 2-3:30 High Point Theatre doors open at 1:30!  Don’t miss this!

Ok, So Now That We Have The Educational Aspect of Our Market Trip Planned what do we do for fun????  All work and no play makes Lisa a very boring girl!

You might catch me at the following if I don’t talk too long at the prior event….

Friday Oct 13th:

Veranda by Fine Furniture Design Launch Party 
5:30  305 S. Hamilton Strett Fine Furniture Showroom (Green Line Stop 13)

Style Spotters Reunion and Networking 6-8pm Pandora’s Manor  407 W High Ave (Bustop 14 red/green line)

Saturday Oct 14th:

Libby Langdon for KAS – 4-6pm Sat. IHFC Green G270

Theodore Alexander celebrats Jamie Drake with a discussion with Tori Melliott  5-7  229 W Russel Avenue (bus stop 8 green) RSVP please email

Sunday Oct 15th:

 9am – 1 pm     India Hicks at Dunes and Duchess –  Dynamic Women in Design  Suites at Market Square, Ground Salon G-7010  (Bus stop 14 (red/green line)

11-2pm Brunch with Barry Dixon

2pm – Book Signing with Meg Braff  Bunny Williams Home IHFC Commerce, Floor 1 IHFC IH104

2-3 Stories Behind The Designs Suites at Market Square  SAMS 1-1014 bustop 14 (red/green)


2:30-5pm   Louise Gaskill Lighting  – Sip n’ See Louise’s new introduction of custom lighting 60 new pieces of hand gilt chandeliers and lamps with vintage murano glass.  M4001 Suites at Market Square!  Bus Stop 14 (red/green line)

3- 4:30pm Trending Interior Design with Jill Waage with Barry Dixon and Lynn Lawsom and trend forecaster Jaye Anna  Universal  101 S Hamilton St  15 (red line)

7:30 – 11pm S.I.A. Karaoke at French Heritage  1638 English Rd.(Main)  Ron Woodson & Jamie Rummerfield are singing their way to the French Heritage showroom for the Save Iconic Architecture Karaoke Party.  $65 ticket price will include dinner and drinks.  Proceeds to to S.I.A. to help the mission of championing to fight to preserve significant architecture.
Busstop 0 (Go anywhere shuttle or uber):

Monday, Oct 16th:
1pm- 3pm  Trellis Home and Pyar & Co Tassels & Trims Collections Suites at Market Sq Mezzanine Salon M-7049 Bus stop 14 (red/green line)
2pm – 3pm Mimosas with southern Home Magazine Universal Furniture 101 S Hamilton St (Formerly Hamilton Sq) Bustop: 15 (redline)
2pm – 4  Madcap Cottage Book “Prince Charming” signing at Currey & Co  IHFC, Main Floor               1 M110
3-5pm Currey & Co Celebration of the new Phyllis Morris Collection
Of course, there are many more great events but these are some of my favorites I hope to attend.  Some overlap so it might be a juggling act but I’m going to try. 
Tomorrow I’ll post some other things that I think are important if you are attending market for specific educational tracks or particular kinds of events.  So come back tomorrow to read about those.  I’ll also be sharing places to eat day and night as well as where to go to see and be seen and more!
Have questions?  Please feel free to email my team at
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