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Ave Home – New Furniture Resource

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Ave Home is a new company that I am thrilled to share with my readers! When I was in Atlanta, Georgia in March for Design Blogger’s Conference, I was introduced to this great new resource.  I met the owner, Lisa Rickert, who is a little blonde ball of fire. Lisa’s enthusiasm and passion about her new company sparked an interest for me to learn more about this new line.   I had the opportunity to see more of Ave Home’s offerings in April at High Point Market, where Ave Home was exhibiting for the first time in Interhall.  High Point Market gave me a greater insight into the offerings of the new company, but it wasn’t until my visit to New Orleans last week, that I discovered the depth of this company and the interesting story of how it came into inception.  

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Unfolded and Ave Home Headquarters in New Orleans, La
Ave Home is actually the second company for Lisa Rickert.  Her first company was Unfolded, Exclusive Distributor for Annie Sloan Products in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Based in New Orleans, Lisa is responsible for bringing Annie Sloan paints to the United States and the other countries listed.  Her story is quite remarkable.  Lisa was rebuilding her home in New Orleans after Katrina and happened upon Annie Sloan paints and ordered paints for use in her own home.  She liked the products so much she contacted Annie Sloan about becoming the distributor in the United States and the rest is history.  Today, Unfolded provides Annie Sloan Stockists with distribution, marketing support as well as product education and training in the Annie Sloan Method.  I had the opportunity to visit Lisa, as well as the Ave Home and Unfolded headquarters on my recent visit to New Orleans where Ave Home was a sponsor of the Southern Style Now showhouse and events. 
For those of you who are not familiar with Annie Sloan paints or those that want to know more about them, please visit Annie Sloan paints here.
Ave Home seemed the natural progression for Lisa to develop after growing the Annie Sloan line.  I mean why wouldn’t you want a furniture line to offer quality reproductions which could be used for the paints instead of using old furniture with drawers that don’t work, or are non-functional?   Lisa created a raw or unfinished line for this purpose.   The “raw” line is not only well priced but offers the option of custom painting a quality piece of furniture without having to strip layers of old paint.  I find the raw pieces beautiful without paint but imagine how stunning these pieces could be if custom painted for client projects.  Take a look at the raw desk Parker Kennedy Living used in their Southern Style Now living room below:
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The Collette Desk is available to the consumer directly from Ave Home 
here for only $652.50!  If you want the desk a custom color it is ready for paint!  If you use Annie Sloan paint, it doesn’t even have to be primed! 
If you want to use it raw, it can be waxed to protect the wood finish.
  Check out the rest of the raw collection here!

Ave Home offers four prefinished collections for those who wish to have room ready furnishings as well.  The four collections are Anders, Aria, Carlyle and Regent.  Here are some of my favorite pieces from those collections:

Anders Collection:

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Inspired by the Mid-Century design of the safari chair, the Anders Lounge Chair is a simple yet classic piece for any living room, library, or den. With a Mahogany finished frame and comfortably draped black leather seat, the lounge chair is the perfect place to unwind and relax. Pairs perfectly next to the Anders End Table or in front of the Anders Coffee Table.

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Leaning towards the sleeker designs of the Mid-Century Modern era, the Anders Coffee Table features a two-tiered Antique Brass frame with Carrara marble tiers and two Espresso finished drawers beneath the coffee table top. This is a sexy table.
Aria Collection:
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Aria Side Chair
The Aria Side Chair is rooted in the klismos style chair of the 18th century with a hand carved frame, sabre legs, and white linen upholstery. The side chair features a hand applied whitewash finish and delicate hand carving.
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The Aria Buffet is an elegant, sophisticated piece that is perfect for any dining room. The hand carved detail and soft finish of ochre, antique white, and pale blues pairs seamlessly with all dining pieces of the Aria Collection. 

Carlyle Collection: 

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Carlyle Dining Chair
A 1950’s Hollywood Regency style dining chair featuring an Ebony finish, a curved back, and upholstered in an ivory velvet. Creates a complete look with the Carlyle Dining Table and Carlyle Armed Dining Chair.
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Carlyle Dining Table

The Carlyle Dining Table pulls from the glamorous style of the Hollywood Regency era. It features an Ebony finish with tapered legs and brass detail. It is a stunning yet functional dining table that includes two leaves and can seat six to ten. The Carlyle Dining Chairs are the perfect compliment. 

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Carlyle Desk

The Carlyle Desk features an Italian 1950’s modern design with an Ebony finish wood top and Polished Brass frame. The desk has one center drawer as well as two pull out panels. The Carlyle Side Chair pairs perfectly with this desk.

Regent Collection:

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The Regent End Table in the style of Louis XV is characterized by its layered white finish and gilded edging. Small enough to sit next to a seating piece but large enough to stand alone, the Regent End Table is perfect for an entryway or living room. 
As you can see Ava Home offers something for everyone!  I hope you find this new resource as exciting as I do.  Make sure you visit their website and see the entire collection of beautiful furniture!  

For more information on “To the Trade” click here
 For more information for the consumer
click here to shop direct or find a stocking dealer near you!!

Visit Ave Home on their social channels:
Interested in Annie Sloan paints?  Click here to learn who carries
 the products in your area or if you would like to be a stockist click here!
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Lance Jackson and David Ecton of Parker Kennedy Living, Lisa Rickert of Ave Home and AJ Cosgrove of Barbara Cosgrove Lamps in New Orleans for Southern Style Now!

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