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Kathleen DiPaolo… “What’s In Your Bag?”

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Today’s Guest on “What’s in Your Bag” is 
Kathleen Di Paolo!  

Kathleen lives and works in sunny Newport Beach, California.
If you are in the design world you know Kathleen from her
amazing “Return on Interiors” System for interior designers as well as the beautiful interiors she creates as a designer.  She has flipped over 300 homes so this designer really knows her stuff!

I use Kathleen’s system and I must say it really keeps me
organized with my clients.  Kathleen also pens a blog of the same name where she shares a plethora of information about building homes, interior design and industry insider info.  I bookmark almost everyone of her blog post for future reference.  Kathleen is one smart cookie whom I’m happy to call a friend. 

This is a lady on the go 24-7 so let’s go see where
 she is off to these days!


So Kathleen Dipaolo…”Where are You Traveling
 & What’s In Your Bag?”
1. Where are You Traveling? 


I am off to India in October with my 13-year-old daughter, Posy! We land in New Delhi and meet my sister and husband. My husband works most of the time in India. Then we will all go to the Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur and ride some elephants! Cannot wait!
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2.        Do you have a favorite bag?


I was in India in July and loved using my new Tumi Tegra Lite roller bag. It is hard and boy did it take a beating. It has a secret pocket for all of my camera,computer and phone cords, which is perfect when in  the airport or lobby. This suitcase expands too for shopping!! Totally got mine monogrammed and trimmed with pink leather!
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3.        What are the necessities in your bag?

My power cords for charging my camera and phone. I could not put my camera down and ran out of battery a few times! 

4.        Clothes to wear?

I wore dresses all the time so I plan on bringing more! Light-weight, cotton dresses help with the heat.
5.        Favorite shoes for walking?

Oka-B Sandals. They are comfortable and cute! They have an ergonomic footbed and are made of microplast which makes them feel luxurious and flexible.
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6.        Do you like to wear a hat?  If so, what brand? 

I will bring a hat! I have some straw beach hats that will do the trick.

7.        Favorite shops?

Anything that has fabric and elephants. I will sit on
 the floor and fabric shop for hours!!
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  1. Favorite place to stay?

Any Oberoi Hotel.

  1. Favorite restaurant for dinner?

The hotel restaurants are always amazing!

  1. Favorite street side lunch spot?

Last time I was there, I ate some samosas from a
 street vendor in Varanasi. Beyond good! 

  1. Favorite drink

Tea, of course! Love, the variety of tea! You sniff and select!

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  1. Favorite off the beaten path spot?

Varanasi! I will go back. There are many pilgrims, but not so many tourists.

  1. Favorite souvenirs to bring home?

Fabric and anything with elephants

  1. Any other interesting activities or things you

 find special about this place you would like to share? 

Try everything you can. Ride an elephant, get on a bicycle rickshaw,
 eat crazy food, get sick, bring family (My last trip I brought 
my son who just left for college!). It is worth everything!!

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Who needs an ice cream truck when you have a banana truck?

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Amazingly colorful sky on the Ganges River 

I hope everyone enjoyed our trip to India through Kathleen’s eyes.  Make sure you follow her on instagram here so you can follow her trip in October.  You will be totally and completely mesmerized by her finds!  You might even see a peek into her design projects as well.  

If you are a designer and don’t currently own Kathleen’s ROI system
 click here for details.  It is amazing!

Make sure to subscribe to her blog so you don’t miss
 any of her informative posts here!

Follow all her social channels here:

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