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Denise McGaha “What’s In Your Bag” ????

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Today’s guest on “What’s in Your Bag” is my friend
 and fellow interior designer, Denise McGaha. 
 You may recognize Denise as the
 Currey & Co Ambassador.  Denise is known as the 
“Design on a Deadline” girl! Her thriving design firm is
 based in Dallas, Texas.  She is a girl on the go!

Let’s go see what’s

in Denise’s travel bag and where
 she is off to these days!   

  1. Where are You off to Travel? 

I am so excited to be traveling to Spain in September with Cosentino

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I am heading to Madrid and Barcelona with five other Silestone Trendspotters from across the US and Canada as we work on the new countertop designs for 2016 for Silestone.  These great design minds will all be adding our market trends to the design teams samples of new countertops and we can’t wait to show the world what great designs we have come up with to inspire the Cosentino Design Team.

  1. Do you have a favorite bag?
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I bought this great Givenchy bag at Bergdorf Goodman on a trip to NY last year.  I was shopping with my BFF and it was an impulse purchase.  It was the last one left and everyone always asks about it.  I love that it is basic black, large enough to hold my laptop and many other things for travel, and also looks really great with a suit or jeans.

  1. What are the necessities in your bag? 

Red lipstick, iphone 6 Plus (for the camera), Trident cinnamon gum, chargers, lavender hand sanitizer and flats.

  1. Clothes to wear?

I love jeans or black pants with a v-neck tee and a long cardigan or jacket.  I am becoming more and more a creature of habit and have found I have 8 pairs of white jeans that are my uniform for summer.  I have traded in my high heels for low-heeled boots and flats as well, so an ankle length jean is my go to.  When I heard skinny jeans were out, I ignored that fashion edict and you will be seeing narrow pant legs on this girl for a while.  I also love leather riding pants tucked into riding boots and a long jacket or cardigan.  You may see a fringed jacket in the mix for Fall but I am really working hard to have a uniform that makes packing and getting dressed each day on my travels so much easier.  My ultimate goal is to travel with a carry-on only and not check any bags.  I’m not there yet……

  1. Favorite shoes for walking?

I love a short flat-heeled boot like this Valentino and also Sam Edelman flats.  They mold to my feet and I can pack at least 6 pairs without taking up hardly any precious suitcase space. 

  1. Do you like to wear a hat?  If so, what brand? 

I am Fedora gal and I really like the ones offered by Rag and Bone.  My favorite one for Fall is this one! 

  1. Favorite shops?

I would love to tell you that I have so much time to shop on my travels, but most of the time I am working.  When in Dallas though I love Forty Five Ten ( and Neiman Marcus .   I was a buyer for Neiman’s in my twenties, I am still very loyal to their stores and their brand.  I buy most of my shoes there (I’m a huge Stuart Weitzman and YSL fan) and order almost everything online since I know how all of my favorite brands fit.  I often shop for major purchases mainland and pick up accessories and shoes while traveling.

  1. Favorite place to stay?

I have never been to Spain and since our trip is orchestrated by Cosentino, I’m not quite sure yet where we will be staying.  However, I look forward to enjoying the hotel restaurants and bars of Madrid and Barcelona and I hear the views from the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona are the best.

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  1. Favorite restaurant for dinner?

I am dying to try out one of the rooftop restaurants while in Barcelona to enjoy a meal with friends and views of the city.  Some of my plans also inclue visiting Hotel Duquesa De Cardona.  


I plan to enjoy the tasty tapas and gastro bars in Madrid and haveSergiArola my list of places to make reservations.  I’ll report back once I visit and let you know what I loved on my blog so make sure you check out my blog in September after my trip!  

  1. Favorite drink  

My Favorite drink is a  Caipirinha

  1. Favorite off the beaten path spot? 

 I can’t wait to shop the markets and plan to bring home canned meats and local delicacies I can’t find in Texas.  I’m really great at finding the hidden gems in every city.  I do my homework and travel fully prepared to find the hot spots only the locals know about.

  1. Favorite souvenirs to bring home?

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes.  And olive oil and sherry

 vinegar for my favorite chef – Mr. M.

  1. Any other interesting activities or things you

 find special about this place you would like to share? 

The architecture is one of the greatest draws and I plan to experience every ounce of Gaudi I can.

Thank you Denise McGaha for sharing with us today!  Have a great trip!

We cannot wait to hear all about it!

Make sure to visit Denise’s blog “Design on a Deadline” in September after her trip where she will dish on all the fun she had in Spain!  I’m so jealous!  I plan to live vicarously through Denise’s trip with Consentino. 

Follow Denise on her social channels

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