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“Lisa Loves” Barr-Co. Products from Perry Clark Home!!!

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I get asked daily to promote products for companies.  So much so, that I have decided to start a new series called “Lisa’s Loves” where I will be posting about products I have tried and loved.  I get requests to post about thousands of products and don’t.  Let’s get one thing clear, if I post about a product it is because I find it worthy.  The products I post about will not always be items that have been sent to me by companies, sometimes my post will be about products I have found while shopping either locally or online.  
   Recently, I received a box from Perry Clark Home of Barr-Co. Apothecary Products. The handsome grey box arrived carefully wrapped in satin ribbon perfect for gift giving.  Inside the box, were three products from the Barr-Co. original scent collection.  The items were a diffuser, pure vegetable hand soap and shea butter lotion.  I immediately liked the look of the vintage style packaging.  As a designer, the way a product looks as equally as important as the quality of the product.  Call me extravagant, but I don’t typically go for the grocery style style brands.  Who wants a bright green labeled product that doesn’t match your home decor, right?  Barr-Co products are so pretty, I would happily display them in my home or in the home of a client.  I will also be sending out some of these products for future gifts.  
Barr-Co. Hand Soap, Lotion & Diffuser: The natural liquid hand soap is created with plant extracts, soothing botanicals, and oatmeal extract to create a gentle and moisturizing soap to cleanse and lightly scent the skin. The body lotion is made with aloe, shea butter, cucumber and colloidal oatmeal to soothe the skin while creating a protective barrier
 that helps retain moisture. Thick river reeds absorb the infused oil and thoroughly disperse the dreamy scent of milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver. 8 oz. $110
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The pure vegetable hand soap and the shea butter lotion come in a cute little wire basket perfect for sitting beside a sink. 

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Here’s a close up of the attractive vintage style labels 
on the apothecary goods.
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The Barr-Co. Original Scent Reed Diffuser includes a reusable glass bottle with thick river redds that gently and thorougly disperse the clean scent of the classic original scent.  Handcrafted in small batches in the U.S.A. 8oz

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1) I don’t promote any product without trying the product myself, so first you must send the product being considered to me for consideration.  Email a description of your product with photos to
2) I only accept products pertaining to subjects I write about on the blog, which are interior design, house & home, fashion, travel or products that make our life better.  
3) The products must be of highest quality.
4) Products must be able to be purchased online. 
5) The company must supply an extra product for a giveaway.
6) Not all products reviewed will be featured on Lisa Mende Design
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