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Jane Scott Hodges for Leontine Linens

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Adamsleigh Show House “Hamp Adams” Dressing room with Leontine Linens Photography by Stacey Van Berkel
I have been reminiscing about the Gentleman’s dressing room/bath area Traci Zeller and I designed last year?  It was in the Adamsleigh show house in Greensboro, sponsored by the Junior League of Greensboro and Traditional Home Magazine.  We used the original owner of the home, Hamp Adams for our inspiration. Hamp Adams was a man of means.  His home was an example of the finest furnishings available during his time.  Traci and I knew we must incorporate items with the same quality that would be worthy of things Hamp Adams would have chosen himself. 

There was only one company that Traci and I considered for the luxurious monogrammed bath towels we needed to make our room complete.  It was Leontine Linens.   We reached out to Jane Scott Hodges, owner of Leontine Linens and she made the magic happen.  When I say magic, it was truly magic, as we were under a time schedule and needed the towels quicker than the time needed to create custom towels of this caliber.  When the box arrived from Leontine, I could hardly wait to open it.  What I found inside the box was even more special than I had anticipated.  The box contained beautiful white towels with grey edging and a custom monogram in kelly green that was perfect for our room.  The monogram was that of John Hampton Adams, owner of Adamsleigh.   I am sure Mr. Adams would have been as pleased with the outcome as Traci and I was.  Recently, I learned that Jane Scott had written a book with Rizzoli, so being the total book hoarder I am, ordered it straight away.  I was not disappointed when it arrived this week.  Jane Scott’s attention to detail was evident in this well designed guide to living a beautiful life with elegant linens. 
I reached out to Jane Scott who again graciously met my request with an informative interview about her company, the art of living with beautiful linens and crafting her book.  
(Come back tomorrow to read the interview with Leontine Linens owner, Jane Scott Hodges about her newly released book Linens for Every Room and Occasion from Rizzoli.)
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