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I am so excited to be attending the La Cienega Design Quarters Legends Event next week.  The countdown is on!  Only 5 days til I board the plan for LA!  This is my first time attending this 3 day celebration of design!  This is the largest design event of its kind on the West Coast! The “who’s who” of the design world will be in attendance plus little ole me!  I’ll be rubbing elbows with the nation’s top shelter magazine editors, VIPS, and Tastemakers in what is sure to be an awe inspiring event.   This is the 6th year for the Legends Event and I have a feeling this will be the best one yet!  This years event is dubbed “Novel Interiors, Storytelling by Design.   40+ of the countries top designers will magically transform store windows in the design district with themes inspired by famous books and novels.   I’ve been getting sneak peeks of some of these fabulous windows in progress and l must say I am duly impressed!  I can’t imagine this much design goodness in one place!  Who knows may be one year I’ll get ask to do a window!  Here’s hoping, fingers crossed!

I am as excited as Cinderella must have been going to the ball to meet her prince! As an ambassador, I am invited to all the A-List Events!  I promise to report regularly the happenings while there with the inside scoop!  If you can’t attend and want to know what is going on in La Cienega,make sure to follow me on all my social channels, especially instagram!  You can still buy tickets to attend, please go to the website and purchase your ticket now before it’s too late! 


• Come out to meet all the social media ambassadors from around the country at the blogger breakfast kicking off LEGENDS 2014 Thursday, May 8

• Choose from a broad array of programming to suit your design palate.


• “Power of Authenticity” with Veranda editor in chief Clinton Smith

• “Back to the Future” with Luxe Interiors + Design editor in chief Pamela Jaccarino leading a discussion on where the home is headed and whether certain periods from the past are shaping the current state of design
• “Glamour – A Timeless Narrative,” with Architectural Digest West Coast Editor Mayer Rus and Madeline Stuart
• “Inspired by…” with Design Within Reach CEO John Edelman as he discusses how designers keep their work original

and new

• “Don’t Hate, Collaborate” with 1stdibs Introspective editor Anthony Barzilay Freund leading a discussion of designers’ favorite co-created projects and products
• “Express Yourselfie: Do we design for Likes, Loves or living?” with C editor Alison Clare Steingold
•“Smoke and Mirrors: Hollywood’s Public/Private Residences” with The Hollywood Reporter’s lifestyle editor

Alexandria Abramian

“Grand Estates: The Art of Building Big” with California Homes editor in chief Susan McFadden

Visit with Connecticut ceramic artists Frances Palmer (at Hollyhock) and Christopher Spitzmiller (at Mecox) on May 8. Also, take a look other open houses in the quarter:

• Meet textile and rug designer Analisse Taft at Harbinger
• View the Nick Harvill Libraries at MK Collection
• Preview the Jacques Garcia Collection at Baker Furniture
• See Dougall Paulson’s “DARK MATTER” Exhibition at Therien
• Visit Timothy White’s Celebrity Art Photo exhibition at Gallery GO.

Meet your favorite design authors –
Douglas Woods
Gary McBournie
Hutton Wilkinson
Jane Scott Hodges
Jay Jeffers
Jeffrey Alan Marks
Judy Kameon
Suzanna Salk
Suzanne Kasler
Timothy Corrigan
Todd Nickey
Will Taylor
Visit the 40+ THEMED WINDOWS including Diane von Furstenberg’s design for The Rug Co.


Breakfast, brunch, lunches, 6 cocktail parties, receptions, and, for the first time, an “After Party”

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