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Mad for Madcap Cottage -Fabulous Friends on Friday!

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 mad·cap  (mdkp)
Behaving or acting impulsively or rashly; wild.  
When I looked up the word madcap in the dictionary, that was the definition I found used to describe madcap.  I find it amusingly perfect for today’s Fabulous Friends on Friday, Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke!  Actually their design business is called “Madcap Cottage” and they are “wildly” talented, so the name fits them to a tee.  The guys themselves are the epitome of southern Gentleman.  Not sure how they ended up in New York, but we are working hard to get them to move south!  
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 Madcap Cottage “Breakfast Room” Adamsleigh Show House 
One never knows where life will lead, but you can bet your bippy,if you are suppose to meet someone and be friends, it will happen.  Last year, when I was in the High Point Market Style Spotter Contest, one of the other style spotters, was a gent named Jason Oliver Nixon, co-owner of the Brooklyn design firm Madcap Cottage.  I was curious about him at the time, but  we never actually had the opportunity to meet during our charades as style spotters.  As chance would have it, that time finally came while working on the Junior League of Greensboro/Traditional Homes Adamsleigh Show House in March.  Jason and I had struck up an online friendship, which eventually led to our meeting one happy day at the show house.  On the day in question,I drove up to find Jason and John walking Weenie and Jasper, their dogs.  It was an instant friendship!  Now, I can’t imagine daily life without hearing about their ventures and neither can my family.  When I pick my kids up from school, they want to know where Jason and John have taken Weenie and Jasper antiquing today.  It has become a fun conversation in the Mende house, where it is better known as the exploits of “Weenie and Jasper.”  I’m telling you it would make an entertaining show!
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Weenie and Jasper at the Adamsleigh Show House
If somebody were to ask me how to describe Jason and John aka “The Madcap Gents”, I would say “the opposite of beige”.  They bring color and fun into every thing they touch. Not only do they run the high successful design firm, Madcap Cottage, but also have a thriving vintage business on 1st Dibs and often are seen on One Kings Lane selling their custom created furniture and curated wares. It really doesn’t matter where they chose to put there energy and efforts, whatever they create always seems to have style and character beyond the typical expectations of design.  It comes as no surprise they would create quite a stir, with their fabulous new pillow line, which debuted at the April High Point Market in the CR Laine show room.  If you don’t know already this design duo, you will soon find out why I chose to style spot them and their fab pillow line!
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Q. How do you decide to design a pillow line?  Why Pillows?
 “We love the idea of quickly transforming a room without breaking the bank.
  We wanted to create a product that could “refrisky” a room without
 spending a fortune.  Pillows were the perfect solution!  Fast, fun, affordable
 and fabulous just like the Madcap Gents!”
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Q. Will you be producing a new line once a year or every season. 
“We will be introducing a new pillow line every season so look for more 
goodness to come!”
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Q. Where did you draw your inspiration for the line?
“We are inspired by our far-flung travels and our pillows allow you to bring that inspiration home. 
 Armchair travel in style, we say”
Q. Where can these fab pillows be purchased should my readers inquire?
Soon they will be available through local retailers throughout the country
Right now they  can be purchased at Madcap Cottage here or 
through you at Lisa Mende Design!
Below are a few of Madcap Cottage pillow designs, but please check
  their website for many more design here!  I have to admit, I’m a sucker for
 “Horace” the elephant who happens to be their “Signature” pillow 
and their business logo. I also love that each pillow has a hidden
orange zipper, just more proof of their attention to detail!
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Q.  Ok, so I have to ask…who designed these pillows, Weenie or Jasper?
Well to be perfectly honest, Weenie picks the colors and 
Jasper tackles the piece work
Q. What’s next for the Madcap Cottage Gents?
We have a candle line coming and we are also creating a capsule collection of fabulous “pieces” to layer in your home. Our“Madcap Cottage Takes Manhattan” long weekend in NYC Sept 19-22, where we will offer four days of gorgeous design and style. It’s our curated “visit” to NYC for the style loving aficionados.  We will go from showroom visits to behind-the-scens tours of our “little black book” favorite spots to a glittering dinner at our home. 
Q. How does one get more info about the “inaugural MadCap Takes Manhattan” Trip?
I am assuming there is limited space and it will fill up quickly! 
Madcap Cottage
John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon
17 Chester Court
Brooklyn, New York 11225
Tel. 917-513-9143
A Big Thank You to John and Jason for being on Fabulous Friends on Friday!
Love you guys!  You certainly make my beige world “fuschia” in good way!
(P.S. I have it on good authority that Weenie being from Greensboro and all, has already put a deposit down on a nice southern home….(you know her roots are here and all us “steel magnolias” eventually come home to our raisins”.  Since she is the only female in your family, she gets to rule the roost!  Pack Your Bags, Boys!  The south is singing your song and calling your name! Come on down ‘the price is right!”  I wish!!!  )
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Make sure to check out their 1st Dibs Store Here!
And if you want to be highly entertained I suggest you read their
or follow them at any of the below:
twitter here
 instagram Madcap Cottage
 Pinterest here!
 Facebook here
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