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Saturday Sillies – As a Blogger What is #1 Read Post?

Last June while in Little Rock for my first Mastermind Group Meeting with Tobi Fairley, I was anxiously trying to come up with a post for the blog in 2 seconds or less when I happened upon a picture on Pinterest of a “Penny Ball”.  What is a penny ball you asked?
Well, if you are the only one in America who didn’t read the post, (kidding)
you can go here to read it.   It was one of those 5 minute thoughts I had that has gone virual. 
I get daily emails from people asking me which glue is the best to use to how to do it to is it considered defacing money? (even though it states it all right there in that pitiful post).  To date, my penny ball post has gotten approx 10,000 views.  
I dont’ know what happened, but dang…
So again, I ask “A Penny for your Thoughts”
What has been your most read blog post?  Was it something weird like mine” which I gave no thought to and wrote in 5 minutes or was it the post that you crafted for hours?
Should I be doing what the experts tell us and embracing my highly sought out niche?
Do Tell!  My blogger friends all have similar stories of weird posts that have gone viral, but typically it is related to their topic.  I think this is the only “garden related” themed post I have ever done.  Should i be posting DIY’s?  
I leave you with a picture of a penny ball and thoughts, WTH?
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So in closing, I’m asking…should I be posting more DIY’s and less thoughts from the heart?
Should I write a post about earthworms and their value?

Here’s Hoping Your Saturday is filled with all the things you love!

Hopefully, I made you chuckle!

  We are off to see our daughter graduate from North Carolina State University!  I’m so incredibly proud of her!  She is not only smart and kind but incredibly wise!

Happy Graduation Becks!  Your Mom loves you very much and is so proud of you, but you knew that already, didn’t you?  I can’t wait to see what you do with your wildly amazing life.

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I know you are all grown up but in my eyes you will always look like this:

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You might be wondering why I decided to congratulate my daughter at the bottom of my silly post…it’s because if I had featured her she would have killed me!  She doesn’t like to be in the spot light!  
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