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How To Lose 10 lbs in Two Weeks….

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Just kidding but hopefully I got your attention?
How many times do you pick up the fitness magazine in the grocery checkout line because it promises to give you the secret to losing 10 lbs in two weeks on the cover?  Who doesn’t want to do that? It’s always the same info, just different pictures.  Blah, blah, blah… 
How many times have you lost the same 10 lbs?
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We all know to lose weight we have to eat healthy,
exercise right? 
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There is another key part of getting
in shape and losing weight that I find cruical to the process!
Wanna Know what?  Support!  Being accountable to someone else!
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I realize this is an interior design blog about living authentically, but living authentically isn’t just about your home, it is about your life.  It all starts with you!  If you are happy with yourself, it radiates to other areas of your life.   You can surround yourself with beautiful things, but if you aren’t happy with yourself the rest doesn’t matter.  Bottom line, things don’t make you happy, people make people happy.   Saturdays here on the blog are going to be about how to get healthy and be happy! 

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 I, like everyone else wants to lose weight.  I don’t want to pay big bucks to do it, so here’s where you come in..will you do it with me?  I promise to support you in return.  I’ll give you tips, and ideas how to lose weight starting with the ones below.  I will even post tips on my Lisa Mende Design Facebook page too, so go there and click “Like” if you haven’t already!
Here’s what I want you to do to begin this journey with me!
It won’t cost anything other than groceries which you have to buy anyway!
1) Set your Goal!!!!  Mine is 10 lbs by Feb 9th!
2) Download a weight loss app on your phone, I’m using “Lose it” app there are several others you can choose from. The app will take your info and give you a plan.
(your phone is with you everywhere, so no excuses!)
3) Stock up on healthy foods, so you have what you need
(email me Lmende@gmail if you want my list)
4) Plan your day of eating so there are no excuses.
Make your plan & work your plan!!!
5) Drink your water!!!  I’m drinking six 16 oz per day!
along with  limited coffee,green tea & Vitamin Water Zero
6) Exercise! If you are already exercising keep it up!
If just starting, start with walking 30 min. a day
7) Comment on the post below that you are joining me & how much weight you want to lose by what date,
so I can put you in my journal and pray for your journey.
8) Report back every Saturday on your progress!
9) Let me know if you find some great ways to get healthy!!!
10) Enjoy the journey!!!

11) Email me at if you want to know
exactly what I am doing.  

I’m excited about our journey on Saturdays in January!!!!!
Once my blog redesign is complete I will have an area dedicated to health, exercise and diet tips 

Remember Living Authentically begin with you!

Happy Saturday, get out and exercise!!!!!
Dont’ forget to enter to win the ticket 
to Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis’s Design Camp in 
Atlanta, Ga Jan. 30th – Feb 1st.
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