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“Tips For Getting Through Adversity” on Sunday Life

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The older I get, the more I realize having hardships in life, can be a blessing too if you choose to look at what you learn from it. Walking through the valley is often where the richest rewards can be found.  It is there you meet your soul, it is there you make a choice to carry on. 
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Via Natural Beauty


Not everyone can be on the top of the mountain, for it would certainly topple over.  You know sometimes I feel sorry for the ones who are on the top of the mountain all the time, because they never get to experience the richness of the valley. 

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Are you having struggles?  Have you lost someone you love either through death or divorce? Is your life in transition?Embrace the struggle.  Find a way to look at your struggle as a learning experience.  What can you take from it?  I have had plenty of struggles in my life.  I have been through divorce, returning to school with children as an adult, job loss, loss of a child, and many other things that pale in comparison to the ones i mention but at the time were huge to me. I knew I could feel sorry for myself and use my struggles as an excuse to hide from the world which I did on many occasions. Guess what? That’s not living.  So how do we embrace the struggles and learn from them?  Here are my suggestions if you are currently experiencing struggles with issues in life…


1) Journal your feelings daily.  Allow yourself a few minutes each day to journal. Writing it down will help you get it off your chest.  It will often help you to see what is really bothering you. While you are at it, write five things you are grateful for. Do it first thing every morning! I love a pretty journal like this one!
2) Find a two book to read one that can feed your soul and one that addresses your issue.  Not sure how to find a good book?  Ask the sales person at the bookstore, tell them what you are looking for or go online and google book reviews. You can download a book if you dont’ want to drive to the store.  If you want me to recommend one, email me, I have a big list I love on almost every topic. 
3) Find a way to be in service to others.  When we help others we forget about ourselves.  It also reminds us that there is always someone who would like to have our life and our set of problems because there is always someone who has more problems than we do.  Go volunteer at our local shelter, soup kitchen, or school.
4) Get outside and enjoy nature.  There is something about communing with nature that helps us reconnect with our inner selves. Take a thirty minute stroll through the park. 
5) Mediate – They say you should mediate 30 minutes a day unless you are too busy and in that case you should mediate for an hour!  Really just start with 5 -15 minutes and in crease from there. If you dont’ know how to mediate start by just sitting still, closing your eyes and listening to your breath.
I do this every morning now and it is amazing how calm you will be all day.  Here is a simple link to get you started!
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Via Curious Mouth

“The flower that blooms in adversity is rare and the
most beautiful of all.” 
I’m rooting for you! Hang in there! Please comment
and let me know what you are dealing with or email me so I can pray for you on your journey back to your authentic self!
Tomorrow we will start our chats on Designing an authentic home!  It’s all part of living an authentic life!  I hope you will join me on this journey!  I think living authentically is the only way to live an abundantly full life!
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