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Learn the Secret of Growing Your Interior Design Business?

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There are many ways you can learn the interior design business.  Some people take the traditional route and go to school to earn a degree which takes approx 2-4 years depending on what degree is achieved.   Design knowledge might come from years working in the industry.  Another great way to expand your knowledge of design is to spend hours reading great design books!!!  After doing all of the above I discovered there was still so much to learn and I wasn’t getting any younger!    I had friends who had no formal design education, yet they were maintain thriving design businesses.  How did they do that? 

You know there is a way.  You really don’t have to have an internship under a top designer in todays world to succeed, even though that has been most of our dreams in the past!  
So how do you learn it all if you don’t go to school or have your dream internship? How do you become the best designer you can be with a profitable business?  How do you get your dream clients?  Get published?  Have brand recognition?  How do you build your social media presence to make your mark on the world?

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Whatever you decide, the business of interior design is like any business, you have to go through the “school of hard knocks” to learn how to really grow a successful practice.  It really take time and a whole like of elbow grease along with a lot trial and error unless….

You figure out….

I worked in the industry for almost 20 years before I realized there were ways to shorten the learning curve, work smarter and actually grow my business…. How you ask?  It’s easy!  Learn from seasoned professionals who are willing to share their knowledge!  Last year I joined Tobi Fairley’s Mastermind Group and attended Tobi’s MBA Camp.  I have to tell you, it has been awesome and worth every dime!  I have learned so much!  I realize the value of learning from an industry professional, who has not only “walked the walk”, but is willing to “talk the talk” and share knowledge that would otherwise take years of time and lots of money for me to develop on my own.  I see the value in gleaning everything I can from the industry superstars with proven success!  I will continue my work with Tobi but will also keep my eyes open to other learning opportunities that are available.  As Tobi says, we all have our different styles, knowledge and focus and everyone adds value to the discussion.

Will I go again? Yes! Will I continue to grow my knowledge through industry professionals? Yes!

Last October, when I was at market in High Point, I had the luxury of hearing a fabulous panel discussion with the Celebrity designer group below then meeting Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis, who have founded a Design Camp of their own.  Like Tobi, these ladies are superstars!  They are high successful HGTV stars, authors, speakers, and run fabulous design business in California, not to mention both are as nice as can be! 

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 Nathan Turner, Lori Dennis, Kelli Ellis and Shay Geyer in High Point, NC Oct. 2012 Market

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Rebecca Reynolds, me, Leslie Carothers, Kelli Ellis, Tam Stone, Sheliah MacSporren after the panel discussion by Nathan Turner, Kelli Ellis, Lori Dennis and Shay Geyer

I am happy to report that I am going to Design Camp with Lori and Kelli in Atlanta, Ga. on January 1 – Feb 1 for two action packed day of seasoned industry professional events with people like Suzanna Salk, Shay Geyer, Ronda Carmen to name a few!  All led by Lori and Kelli!  I am so excited!  You can join me there too if you….

Enter to Win A Ticket to:

Join me at
 Lori Dennis & Kelli Ellis’s Design Camp
in Atlanta, Ga. Jan. 30th – Feb. 1st 
 Click Here for Details!!!!

The contest runs through next Tues. Jan. 8th!
Don’t miss out!  Whether you win a ticket or not
think about investing in Design Camp, it will truly be
the best money you will ever spend!  

Want to be a design star and produce rooms like this?

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Room design by Lori Dennis

Wanna learn design tips and secrets of the trade?
Wanna hear the “best of the best” from the Interior Design Industry?
Learn what trends to follow?  What appliances are the best?
How to run a green design biz?  What computer programs are the best?
Become a social media guru?

Folks, this is knowledge that will propel your business into 2013 like no other way!
I promise!  Sign up to enter and if you don’t win, meet me at Design Camp in Atlanta, Ga. on Jan. 30 – Feb. 1 and if you don’t love it,  I’ll buy you a drink!  And when you do love it you can buy me one!  haha!

Hurry!!  Spaces are filling up fast! You don’t want to miss out!!!
Hope to see you in Atlanta, Ga on January 30th!!!!
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