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“Wanderlust” by Michelle Nussbaumer

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I spent the weekend perusing the pages Michelle Nussbaumer’s newly released book, Wanderlust and I must say I got lost among the pages of beauty created by this amazingly talented designer.  If you don’t currently own this book, run, don’t walk to your local bookstore and purchase it immediately or if you rather, sit tight and order online here.  For the price of a book, you will feel as though you have traveled to foreign lands and experienced the drama and discovery of the finest interiors filled with exotic furnishings and fabrics artfully curated and guaranteed to delight.   Michelle transports us to places only she could dream and imagine through her honed eye.
The entre’ into the book is the foreword written by another tastemaker, Hutton Wilkinson, known as Tony Duquette’s protege and a fascinating person himself, entices the reader from the onset with his a vivid account of his friend, Michelle.  
Her mother claims Michelle was born under a wandering star, and perhaps that fate is what marked her destiny as a designer who travels the world and brings home interesting artifacts and antiques for her herself and her clients.  We are so lucky she has chosen to share her journey in this magnificent book so that we may partake from afar. 
Based in Dallas, Texas, Michelle is also known for her store, Ceylon et cie where she offers her globally-inspired wares to inspire and delight all who visit.  A trip to her shop is on my bucket list!
The book includes photography of the designer’s homes in Texas, Gstaad, Switzerland and San Miguel de Allende as well as client’s home across the country.  Each project touts Michelle’s signature style of multilayered rooms with global pieces found in Michelle’s worldly travels.
She has an eye for the unexpected and often incorporates unique furnishings in her interiors.  Her travels have taken her around the world.
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I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I think Michelle Nussbaumer is one of the most sincere, kindest designers in our industry.  When I was at High Point Market, I ran by to see her new collection with Design Legacy and found Michelle scurrying off to the airport.  Although she was in a hurry, she paused to sign a copy of her book for me and took a minute to chat.  Michelle is quick to remind, that as a mother of four, is like the rest of us managing the juggling act between home and work.  Ahh, yes…the art of the balance which she does so beautifully! 
If you haven’t seen her collection with Design Legacy, please call your rep and see it asap!  The collection is well priced and includes beautiful fabrics, furniture, and art designed by Michelle.  
Here are a few of my favorites from Michelle’s new collection
with DesignLegacy
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Globally inspired fabrics 

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Masterfully mixed patterns

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Michelle’s art, as shown above, top left, was a favorite of mine.  She creates these colleges on airplanes. 

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I’m crazy for this kaleidoscope multi-colored fabric
 and cannot wait to use it in a project.
I loved every item in her collection and thought you will as well. 
Make sure to call for samples for your design library.
I hope you have enjoyed our little trip down “Wanderlust” Lane today.  I have a special treat to share….
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Michelle so generously gave me one of her books
to Giveaway to one of my readers!!!
Would you like to Win Your Copy of
It’s simple!
1) Leave a comment here
2) Go to instagram and follow @michellenussbaumer and @lisamendedesign if you aren’t following us already
3) For extra entries tag, a friend whom you think would like the 
Winner to be Announced Next Monday!
One look at her instagram (@michellenussbaumer ) account which she manages herself, gives a small hint of this designer’s inspirations.  I highly recommend you follow her on instagram.  She is one of my favorite accounts to stalk!
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Now if I could just find a way to get her truck…..
Don’t want to take your chances?  Prefer to order your own book now and have delivered to your door tomorrow?  
Click Here to Order!

Winner of Last Week’s Book Giveaway
 “A House in The Country” is…


Disclaimer: I received a copy of “Wanderlust” for a Giveaway for readers.  All opinions are my own.  I only post about books that I find of interest to my readers.”
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