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Vern Yip’s “Design Wise” A Must Buy for The Design Enthusiast!

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Vern Yip is one of the most beloved and recognizable interior designers in America.  He has helped thousands of people beautify their homes during his near-decade at HGTV.   He understands the challenges of decorating a home that fits with a busy family life with two kids and 500 pounds of dogs in his own home!  
 Vern Yip’s new book “Design Wise: Your Smart Guide To a Beautiful Home” is an essential guide for anyone who wants to pick a designer’s brain for the perfect formulas, measurements,etc for creating a well designed home.  Vern shares his secrets to smart, beautiful living with a design by the numbers approach, revealing the optimal measurements that are integral to making a room feel “right.”   Vern decided he wanted to write a book that gave guidelines to home design due to the continual barrage of design questions he kept getting time and time again.  
This book gives readers a glimpse into the beautiful home, Vern shares with his husband, Craig and their two children, Gavin and Vera.  He uses his home as a design laboratory to explain his theories in the book.  The book is broken down into three categories : Design by the Numbers, Shop Smart and How to create the perfect setting.  Each category includes subchapters which cover every living space inside and outside the home.  Vern also included an “at-a-glance” cheat sheet section for quick reference.  I am excited to have this book in my design library and highly recommend it for anyone who loves good design.  Have I gotten you so excited you want it tomorrow?  If so you can purchase it here
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Vern says “the tighter the budget the less room for error” so getting the measurements right is critical, simply because there is no room for error.”  Follow his tried and true rules of thumb outlined in the book and errors will become a thing of the past in designing your home.  

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I was fortunate to be a guest in Vern and Craig’s home for a dinner when Vern’s fabric collection launched with Fabricut.  Their home is a reflection of attention to detail both in decorating and in the art of being gracious hosts.  It was an amazing evening.  As we toured the home and Vern shared with us special artifacts and memories of travels, family, and collections.  The book features many beautiful photos of their home which are beautiful to view but to understand the math behind the rooms as Vern explains in the book, will help you understand design on an entirely different level. 

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I was in the home at night and enjoyed the beautiful light reflections from the modernist Baccarat crystal and wire chandelier but the light-filled foyer shown here and photographed for Traditional Home magazine by Emily Followill shows the foyer during the daytime.  The decoration of the home gives hints to Vern Yip’s history.  The center table belonged to his mother, Vera.  The color red is a common thread throughout the house which symbolizes good fortune in China.   The home is traditional in style but Vern has woven together a mix of Asian artifacts, contemporary art, and traditional pieces which create interesting rooms that captivate all the senses.

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Forgive my photography but this was one of my favorite moments in Vern’s home.  I love the juxtaposition of Jackie O above an asian artifact which gives reference to Vern’s history of being an American designer of Chinese descent.

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Vern and Craig are a modern family.  Their children, Gavin and Vera are delightful and well-mannered.  It was a joy spending time in their home enjoying their warm hospitality and meeting their family.  It’s a time I won’t soon forget.  
I urge you to purchase Vern’s book today!  You will count it among one of your favorites as I do, I’m quite sure!
To read more about Vern Yip visit his website here.

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