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Set The Stage and Let Every Room Tell A Story – Metrie

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When I was asked to design a bathroom for DXV Luxury Products by American Standard, I knew I wanted to use Breakfast at Tiffany’s for inspiration.  The focal point of the bathroom would be beautiful Tiffany Blue double doors which would open into the space.  The first order of business was to locate the prettiest doors possible to be custom painted Tiffany Blue.

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I looked high and low for the perfect doors and then remembered Metrie Interior Mouldings and Doors!  I had been introduced to Metrie at Design Bloggers Conference and immediately fell in love with their Fashion Forward Collection which had the perfect door.  

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I love the style of the door which is designed for center mounted hardware.  This design is elegant, sophisticated and chic.  I wish all the doors in my house were like the Metrie “Fashion Forward” doors.
 Metrie also offers hinges in four different finishes, so you can choose one to match or complement the other hardware for your door too!  Metrie interior doors are pre-hung on a double-rabbited jamb that is available in 4 9/16″.  The doors also come in three different materials, Popular, White Oak and Primed, which is the one I chose for my project.  The doors are available in heights of 80″, 84″ and 96″ and widths which range from 16″ wide to 36″ wide so there is a size to fit any application you may desire.
After I chose the doors, I decided to then use the complimenting baseboards and crown moulding from the Fashion Forward collection to complete my bathroom.  I really like the higher baseboards which work so well in today’s taller rooms.  Click here to see the Fashion Forward crown moulding options. Click here to see the Fashion Forward baseboard options from Metrie
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Here is a close up of the Metrie Fashion Forward door.
The fluting of the door casing is so attractive.
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I  chose Iion motif door knocker style hardware for the doors.

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This is the original rendering of the room, I had in my mind when I  designed the room. 

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This is the final results!  Do you think I was successful?  I was extremely happy with how the bathroom turned out thanks to DXV luxury products and the beautiful Metrie products.

Have a room in your home you want to update?  Sometimes furniture and paint are not enough to provide the updated look you want.  Make your home runway-worthy with the Metrie’s Then & Now Finishing Collections:

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interior design by Sophie Burke
Fashion Forward

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interior design by Andrew Pike
French Curves

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interior design by Donna Guerra
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  • interior design by Alexandre Blazys & Benoit Gérard

Very Square

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Don’t know which style you are?  Take the quiz here to find out!

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Log in and try out the room styler to see what you can do by clicking here!
Want to see more Metrie products?  Click on the links below to see Metrie products used in other design bloggers projects:
If you are interested in purchasing Metrie products click here for a distributor near you!

Every Room Tells a Story – 2016 Builder & Designer Challenge – You already know you create winning designs, but here is your chance to show the industry your world-class design skills by creating a building and building a room featuring Metrie’s Then & Now Finishing Collections.  the Every Room Tells A Story – 2016 Builder & Designer challenge allows you to express to impress.  Your room builds will be judged by Metrie‘s panel of experts and the winner could walk away with a prize package of over $25,000.  Act quickly, as the contest closes on September 30th.  For all the details, visit

Follow Metrie on their social channels to learn more and see more beautiful Metrie products and find out the latest news from Metrie here:

Metrie blog “The Finished Space”


About Metrie

Metrie has grown from a small family-owned business which originated in 1926 to become the largest supplier and manufacturer of solid wood and composite mouldings in North America. Their dedication to creating the finest quality of the highest standards is evident in the beautiful architectural details of their of vast products offerings. They mill their
own products to maintain internal control on custom profiles and to
streamline production and shipping.  Metrie operates seven solid wood
and MDF manufacturing facilities, plus 26 distribution centers in the U.S.
and Canada which makes it easier to service regional needs and provide the best customer service possible.

This post is sponsored by Metrie, North America’s largest solid wood and MDF moulding company.  All thoughts are my own.  I only promote products and companies I believe to be of interest to the readers of Lisa Mende Design.

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