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Best Smart Tech Carry-On Luggage for Travelers

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Have you heard all the hype about smart luggage?    I decided to google smart luggage and I discovered a fab array of options.  Are you interested in smart luggage?  Does smart luggage = smart travel or just another gadget you really don’t need?  I’ll let you decide.
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Which Smart Tech Luggage Best Fits Your Needs?


What is the advantage of smart luggage?  Is it something that people who travel lot need?  I will say it would be nice not to worry about searching for electrical sockets in the airport or jocking for the charging stations.   Let’s take a look at the smart luggage options I discovered:
1) AWAY Luggage:
 Away carry-on weighs 7.2 lbs
21.7” x 13.7” x 9”
38L capacity
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  AWAY luggage  was introduced in February 2016. It was designed by Warby Parker Alums.  This luggage offers a built-in lock and phone charger.  Crafted from premium German polycarbonate, famed for its durability, flexibility, and ultralight weight. The interior features a
 patent-pending compression system, removable laundry bag,
 and a high-capacity battery with USB charging. Four 360°
 spinner wheels guarantee a smooth ride. 38 L capacity.
AWAY doesn’t come standard with a global tracker, the buyer
has the option of adding one for $60 and renewing the ability
after a year.  Here are the sizes available, all of which are well
priced compared to other companies who offer smart luggage.
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If you are interested in learning more about
 AWAY luggage click here!

2) BlueSmart Luggage:

BlueSmart carry-on weighs 9.4lbs
22″L x 14″ w x 9″d

Made of Class A Makrolon Polycarbonate in black with grey accents.
BlueSmart offers a True 3G/GPS powered location tracking device embedded global SIM card, Bluetooth connection for lock and functionality, iOS and Android compatibility, One standard USB charginging port located at the back of the suitcase, a 10,400 mAh capacity battery which charges phone 6x and TSA-approved lock FAA-compliant battery and 3G: full 2 year warranty covers suitcase body, materials and electronics.

Available through MOMA or directly from BlueSmart

The BlueSmart bags includes a SIM card and a 3G radio. Through a partnership with Telefonica that includes all of the carrier’s roaming agreements, the bags can be located just about anywhere. Best of all, the service is completely free. Bluesmart said that may change some day but if it does, it will only change for new purchases — anyone who already owns a Bluesmart bag will continue to enjoy free location tracking for life.
The second big selling point is a built-in 10,400 mAh battery and a USB port that lets you charge your smartphone, tablet, eBook reader or any other device by plugging it into your carry-on. Then there’s a built-in scale that lets you weigh your bag simply by picking it up and choosing the weight function in the app.
Finally, Bluesmart bags have a very cool remote locking feature.
When your carry-on is at your side, there’s often no reason to lock it. When it leaves your side it’s a different story though, and in the event of a theft there’s obviously no time to stop and lock your bag. With Bluesmart’s proximity locking enabled, your bag will lock itself automatically when it moves too far away from your phone. This prevents snooping and slows thieves down or stops them completely in the event someone steals your bag.

You can also lock and unlock the bag on command with one tap in the app.
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Click here for info on BlueSmart

You may want to read the post about the traveler who had a hang up with TSA using the BlueSmart One here.

3) PlanetTraveler 

Carry-on weighs 8 lbs
21.5″H x 13.5″W x 7.5″D

expansion 2″

Planet Traveler USA’s Space Case 1 has raised more $378,000 from 923 backers on Kickstarter.
offers a really cool version which was featured
 in the New York Times:

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PlanetTraveler luggage is available in colors, patterns
 and offers lots of cool features. 

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Here are some of PlanetTraveler’s features not offered by
 other Smart Luggage companies:

The carry-on weighs 8lbs.

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Front pocket for storing laptop, ipad and other tech products needed during flight for easy access.

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Unlock the case with the touch of your finger print through biometric scanner or through use of the Planet Traveler app!

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Charge your phone over 7 times or more with 12,000 mAh of power! 2 external USB charging ports and a USB charging port in the front pocket, this massive power bank will keep all electronic gadgets alive on a long road trip. 

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See if your flight is on time? know your gate number? status of car rental and hotel.  Even book flights and car rental all through the Planet Traveler app. Virtual concierge!

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Pre-Order Here!

I found a Planet Traveler option here for much cheaper here but I don’t think it is the one that offers all the features of the SpaceCase

4) Trunkster 

Carry-on weighs 10.3 lbs
22″L x 14″w x 9″ D
10400 mAh power bank (removable) +2 intergrated
USB ports + charging cord
43L capacity

The rolling door which replaces the conventional zipper is
 what sets this suitcase apart from the others.  Trunkster offers the option
 of buying the luggage with or without the optional tracker which
 adds $60 to the total cost of the product.

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Trunkster offers built-in digital scale, optional tracker and great organization.

Estimated delivery for Trunkster is August 2016 click here to pre-order!


Barracuda luggage carry-on weighs 8.7 lbs 
Height: 22 ” x width 14″ x 9″ depth
Capacity: 36 L

Barracuda luggage is collapsible and offers a few more options such as a tray table and rotating handle.  The collapsible Barracuda comes with its own carry bag which can be hung in a closet for easy storage. 
Watch the video to see how the Barracuda works here.

6) TravelSmith 

TravelSmith Carry-on weighs 6 lbs 9.3 oz
   21 1/2″L x 10″W x 14″H

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The most economical carry-on with a power bank is from TravelSmith.
Traveling with your electronics just got that much easier. The smallest piece in our new Z1 line, this carry-on boasts an easy-access zip-open top port that holds your tablet or laptop (up to 15″); its built-in pocket houses the included 8,000 mAh power bank for on-the-go charging. The main compartment offers minimal fuss and maximum packing space, with mesh wing tie-down straps and a separated mesh compartment. The hardshell exterior is made from durable polycarbonate. Power bank charges your phone four times or an iPad® about 75%. Includes a built-in TSA-approved lock and a protective storage cover. 

7) Fugu

8 inches d x 20.5 inches L x15.5 inches w – carry-on
26″ x 20.5″ x 15.5″  check -in luggage
weight 9.9 lbs
33L capacity

Luggage that allows you the option of a carry-on and
 a full size luggage all in one?

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You may buy the Fugu with or without the following accessories but if you opt for all the accessories the price jumps from $299 to $659

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 If you are interested in dual option luggage check out Fugu which is the brainchild of Isaac Atlas.  Fugu is named for the Japanese word for puffer fish which is what this luggage looks like while inflating.  The bag can inflate from the size of a carry-on to a full size suitcase in less than a minute. The bag has shock absorbers and built-in shelves to keep things organized.  Fugu was originally introduced on Kickstarter with an initial goal of $50,000 but last count the company had raised over $433,000.

There are other well known companies making smart luggage such as Delsey,who is currently taking a pole from consumers as to the features they would like, but from what I can find these options haven’t been released yet.

Which smart luggage do you like?  Do you want a smart carry-on? It seems to me most of the smart luggage is well made for the money and the added features are really that much more.  Are you like me and always looking for an Apple phone cord when you travel because your battery is low?  I think it would be nice to have the built-in power pack option, but with the many power charger banks on the market is this really necessary? Some of the carry-ons listed have a side pocket which offers a great place for computers to be stored, which I find helpful, however, how much of the interior space of the luggage is lost to offer this feature?
Like most luggage, the way these pieces are designed fit specific needs and the traveler needs to weigh the options and decide which works best for how they like to travel. 

The lightest weight version I discussed is the TravelSmith but it is also the smallest capacity.  The largest capacity is the Trunkster but it is also the heaviest carry-on weighing in at 10 lbs.   So what do you think?  Will you go with smart luggage, add smart devices to your current luggage or keep traveling the way everyone has been for centuries?

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