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The Big Reveal: “Taylor Burke Home 2nd “Style It Challenge Room Reveal

I am honored to have been chosen to participate in 

The Taylor Burke Home 2nd

“Style It” Challenge

 This event is sponsored by Taylor Burke Home in partnership
 with One Kings Lane Event!!
Sponsors for this years challenge are Addison Weeks,
Mitchell BlackTimes Two Designs, and Lacefield Designs
One Kings Lane Blog will be featuring rooms created by Kristin Jackson
 of The Hunted Interiors, Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss at Home 
and little ole me!    
The three of us accepted the “Style It” Challenge awarded to us by Taylor Burke Home!  Each designer was given carte blanche to choose one of Taylor Burke Home’s London Ottoman in a fabric and size of our choice from their collection.  We were then allowed to choose products from the other sponsors to complete our rooms. 
 This is the ottoman I chose from Taylor Burke Home:
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The “London ottoman” is available in custom sizes, so it made it easy to choose the perfect size for my room.  My ottoman is 42″x42″ square. I love the way this ottoman anchors my room and serves as a coffee table, as well as an ottoman in my space. I have a rather large room, so I positioned the ottoman in front of the fireplace in the middle of the room and it is still close enough to the sofa and chairs to use as an ottoman.
Taylor Burke Home is the perfect place to have ottomans custom made for  clients or yourself! They can make any size or shape in any fabric!
If you want to view all the fabrics in their collection click here!
 They also offer leathers and hides too!
If you have a fabric of your own you would like to use, they can do that too!
Here is a closeup of fabric I chose for my London ottoman:
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I love how neutral this fabric is in my room and even though this is a big ottoman it doesn’t look massive in this fabric.  From a distance, this fabric almost looks grey, but when you get closer, you see the pattern which is cool.  The scale of the fabric is perfect to work back with larger scaled fabrics.  Taylor Burke offers so many fabrics so you can customize for your room or your client’s projects.  Their velvet ottomans are so lush and beautiful, but I felt they were too glam for my family room since I share my home with a husband and two teenage boys.  I am so happy with my choice! I love my ottoman!!!

To purchase one of the Taylor Burke Home London Ottoman Click Here!!!


Let’s take a closer look the items I chose from the Sponsors:
Malachite Bendall Box
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Here is the Addison Weeks Bendall malachite box in my room!
Isn’t it stunning?  Jewelry for the room! 

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Isn’t the Bendall Box in Malachite from Addison Weeks beyond fabulous? I love it!  The Bendall would make a perfect gift because it comes in its very own aqua blue dustbag!  Don’t we all like to open pretty dustbags?  So special!  
The Bendall Box is available in lapis and pink quartz. You can CLICK HERE to order one for yourself or a gift for someone special!  While you on Addison Week’s website make sure to check out, their other offerings.  
Berry velvet with black and white trim
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Hello, beautiful berry delicious velvet down filled pillow!!!

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I chose from Taylor Burke Home’s Lacefield Pillow Collection and picked Blossom with Black and white trim!  I love the square shape and boxing with trim!  These pillows as so lush!  Lacefield can provide pillows for your next project and I promise you will be so pleased with their quality! Everyone that sees my pillows wants to know where I got them!  Lacefield has so many fabrics, styles, and options.


While you are on their website check out everything
 they have to offer!  So many beautiful products from pillows,
 to ready-made drapery panels! Lacefield is also
 a great resource for textiles!

Geometric in white on black
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Ok, can I have an AMEN on this one?  Mitchell Black is so wonderful!  I told them what I wanted and they created this piece just for me!  Yep, that’s right!  Completely custom!  Don’t you love it? This company is mind boggling!  They can make anything you need!  Custom size? no problem, Custom colors, no problem!  Custom art, no problem!  Pick any Benjamin Moore Color and they will reproduce art for your project in that color!  I’ll let you in on another secret too!  This framing situation looks complicated, but it is not complicated at all!  My art installer said “wow!  This is so well orchestrated!”  It took him only about 10 minutes to hang this piece of art.  I love it!  They also offered to make the exact same piece in the opposite colors!  Talk about making a statement, a pair of these will certainly add panache to a room!  Thank you, Mitchell Black for being so easy to work with and for creating a beatiful custom piece for my room!  Want a piece like mine or have a need for something else? Shop their site and peruse the plethora of options they offer!




Turquoise Slag Lamp
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Times Two Designs’ Slag Lamps are gorgeous and make a statement in any room. I decided to purchase another one so I would have a pair of these beauties!  Times Two Designs was so accommodating.  Lauren Renfrow allowed me to choose the color of my shade and even lined it in gold! Wait til you see the pair in the room!  Times Two has so many gorgeous things!  If you want to purchase statement lamps like these for yourself CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!!!  I will warn you though, when people walk in your room, you will need a drool catcher!
Hollings Chairs
 I wanted to share what I bought for my room from Taylor Burke Home!  I had been eyeing these babies for awhile and decided since I was chosen for the challenge, it was the perfect time to pull the trigger on them!  I bought a pair of the Hollings swivel chairs!  When you walk into the room the first thing you notice is the brass base on these chairs, which I love and adore! They are groovy in a sophisticated kind of way!
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My crew loves swivel chairs.  We had another pair in the same spot and when I got rid of them my kids were so mad.  Our den it is necessary to have swivels so we can turn to face the fire or the opposite direction to watch tv.  I used Taylor Burke’s  COM (customer’s own fabric) option and had the chairs upholstered in Jonathan Adler for Kravet fabric called Kepler Noir.  The fabric on these chairs is Fire retardant so it is the perfect choice to use next to a fireplace. It is also durable which I need with boys and dogs.  WANT INFO ON PURCHASING THESE CHAIRS? Click here if you are a designer and simply email me for details if you are a consumer at
Ok, so I made you wait for
 the reveal of my room!!!
Are You Ready???
Here it is……
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photography by Dustin Peck Photography
What do you think????
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photography by Dustin Peck Photography
Do you approve?  We are enjoying it!  
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photography by Dustin Peck Photography
Art by Hayley Mitchell
I love all the art in the room and plan to blog
 about everything in the room next week so
  look for a full disclosure post on Monday!!

And the best part of it al….
You can shop on One Kings Lane or the Sponsors websites
 and buy products for yourself direct!!!
Click on their links below if you don’t already follow these rockstars:
Congrats to Bliss at Home for Winning the Challenge!!!
In this world where there are so many options, I must say that ALL of these brands are the nicest to work with!    I highly recommend including them in your next project, not just because their products will elevate your room, but also because they make working together so fun!

One Kings Lane

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your London Ottoman with

Thank you to my photographer extraordinaire,  Dustin Peck Photography  and assistant/wife Susie and Susah Johnson Smith who jumped through Hoops to get this photography done for me!

Thank you to Taylor Burke Home, One Kings Lane, all the sponsors and my workroom,  Donna Stanley of JD Stanley for helping me pull this room together in record time!

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