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My Family Room Part 2 – The Other Side of The Room

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 Friday, I unveiled my family room for the Taylor Burke Home “Style It” Challenge with sponsors One Kings Lane, Addison WeeksLacefieldMitchell Black andTimes Two Designs.  I was so honored to participate in this fun challenge with Kristin Jackson of the Hunted Interior and Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss at Home.     The challenge was to style some pretty awesome items that are all products available through the Taylor Burke Home‘s gorgeous Atlanta Showroom.  The first order of business was to choose a London ottoman in a fabric of our choice then pick from the other sponsors to create a lovely well-styled room.  I felt like a kid in a candy store choosing items from these companies.  I’m happy with the results and my family enjoying our cold winter nights in this room by a warm roaring fire.  Thank you to the sponsors for providing beautiful, well-made products for our family room.

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Several of you have emailed asking about other elements in the room.  First off, I purchased many of the brass pieces in my bookshelves from my friend Sarah Fisher, who owns, Matters of Style.  Sarah sells online and has a keen eye for fabulous products.  You can find her site here or check out her shop on 
My husband didn’t say a word when I replaced his leatherbound books with my designer books, but I’m not building bookshelves in a study to house his books.  I think I’m obsessed with designer books, especially ones with beautiful cases and covers like this Valentino book and this book on Grace with the orange cover!  Many of the designer books in the shelves I got hereMany of the designer books in the shelves I bought here!
I have had several emails requesting the name of the artist who painted the abstract over the mantle.  The painting was a commission custom painted to match my fabrics by Kerry Steele, who happens to be one of my favorite artists.  I love Kerry’s style and have commissioned her to paint custom pieces for many of my projects.   Kerry is creative, prolific and always willing to go the extra mile to achieve the perfect piece of art for my projects.  I decided to take advantage of one of Kerry’s newest offerings which are her premium custom bespoke package.   This package offers two sketches which are approved by the client before the painting begins, premium custom framing and painting on Russian linen.  The latest piece that Kerry painted for my room was created with my custom choice of Benjamin Moore colors.  Kerry ask me to send Benjamin Moore colors to match my color scheme which assured the colors in the painting were more accurate.  To learn more about Kerry’s bespoke service email her directly at
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On the other side of the room is art by a favorite new artist discovery named Hayley Mitchell.  I discovered Hayley back in July when I purchased one of her originals entitled “May Day” while shopping in Slate Interiors one day.  No one seemed to know who the artist was so I searched high and low to find out.  I posted my newly acquired “May Day” on my instagram feed and the next thing I knew everyone was as in love with Hayley’s work as I was and began snatching up her work from instagram before she could even post in her etsy shop.  I knew I wanted a larger painting of Hayley’s work and this wall in my family room seemed like the perfect place!  If you would like to purchase a Hayley Mitchell works of art click here to order from her etsy shop.  But if you want one of Hayley’s pieces I would suggest you follow her on instagram here  Many of her pieces are sold on instagram before they even make it to her etsy shop.  I love watching how this artist’s popularity has grown since that first post I made over six months ago.  I would like to think I had something to do with Hayley’s popularity, but I think she was just destined to be famous and it was timing that I discovered her early on.  Hayley’s work is so vibrant and fun!  I love her abstracts as well as her florals, but the faces remain my favorite of her subjects.   Make sure to visit her shop to see more!  I’m quite sure this artist is destined for great things.  Buy her work now while you can still afford her!

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Sorry for the not so great photo of this side of the room but it has been
 so dark out, and this corner wasn’t ready when Dustin came to shoot. 
 I decided not to worry about it since this corner was part of the challenge. 
This corner has always been an odd spot in our room.  I have often 
thought of putting a wet bar here and still may at some point but for now,
 it has become a gallery wall with some of my favorite artist’s works.  
I mixed original art with John Derian decoupage plates. I have collected
 Derian objects for a while, and I like to hang them in unusual groupings.  
The paintings in this corner are (left to right) The upper piece is Carnival
 Girl by artist GeeGee Collins.   Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, GeeGee
 is a southern artist with an interesting style.  I love her abstracts as much
 as I do her faces.
 Below Carnival Girl is Minita by Leslie Weaver.  I fell in love with
this piece because it reminded me of Carnaval in Frankfurt Germany which
 I had the pleasure of attending last year.
The two abstract on either side of the starburst mirror are the studies,
 Kerry Steele completed before she painted the large abstract painting
 which now hangs over my mantle. 

The small painting of goldfish above the abstract on the right is by my
 friend, and artist, Jill Seale of Charlotte. 

To the right of my bar cabinet and below Kerry’s abstract is a peacock
 print by Jana Bek.  Jana is the creative force behind those fabulous 
paintbrush lamps.  She is a fellow interior designer who is very talented. 
 If you would like to purchase the cute little peacock print, you may
 do so by clicking here.  I named my peacock Percy!
Here are links to all the artist’s websites:
 I would highly suggest following these artists on instagram, so you get
 first dibs on their finished works.  As I mentioned above followers often
 buy art on instagram before artist have time to list in their online shops.
Here are links to their instagram accounts:
 If you would like to read more about the “Style It” Challenge sponsors’ products click here to access my previous post about their fab products. 
Head over to One Kings Lane if you want to buy one of the
 Taylor Burke Home Ottomans and get free shipping now til
 the end of February!
If you have any other questions about my room, 
please email me at  
I am happy to answer.  
both of whom worked so diligently to get the best angles and 
shots of my room!!!
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