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Join Me at Design Camp Atlanta in January !!! Gotta Little Gift for You Keep Reading…..

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I am excited to announce I’m speaking at Design Camp Atlanta on a panel about “Designer Showhouses” with my fab studio partner, Traci Zeller,  and wonderful friends, Lance Jackson, David Ecton of Parker Kennedy and amazing Design Camp co-founder, Lori Dennis.  Vanessa Kogevinas will be the moderator.  Our panel is on Saturday, at 3pm! 
 Would love to meet you at Camp! 
Atlanta is such a great location for Camp!  It starts January 15th , mark your calendars, Sign Up today and meet me at camp!!  It is guaranteed to be 3 days of amazing information!  There will be showroom tours, book signings, business coaching and the opportunity to earn 10 CEU’s of credit!   It’s going to be a “don’t miss” event for networking not to mention lots of great information on how to build your design business!!!  Did I mention the cocktail parties?  Oh yeah!!!!  You know you don’t want to be left out…..
Here’s a little Gift from Me to You!!!!
Click Here to Register!  When registering make sure you use code Speaker 100 to receive 50%OFF the overall cost of Camp!
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