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Maria Killiam – “What’s in Your Bag”

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I’m so excited to have my dear friend and color expert, Maria Killam from Canadia here today to participate in my “What’s In Your Bag” series.  I adore Maria and her brilliant “color” wisdom!  I read her blog daily and must say, I often learn something even though I have been in the business for almost 20 years and consider myself pretty color savvy.  Maria is true colour expert.  If you want to learn more about color, make sure to sign up for her blog “Colour Me Happy” or check out some of her e-commerce products and courses.   Let’s go find out what’s in her bag!
Maria Killiam “What’s in Your Bag”?
1. Do you go to the beach or the pool? If beach, 
what’s your favorite beach?
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I prefer a pool, you’re on a chaise lounge instead of a towel on the sand. And a private pool is a luxury like my client’s beach house in Kauai where I’ve vacationed the last two years. You can see my sister Elizabeth through the garden.
2. What’s your favorite beach /pool bag?
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Well, I have an old one that is hot pink with black and white checks but if I were to buy a new one, I’m loving this one with the fringe! So fun.
3. What are necessities in your bag?
Salt & Vinegar Chips (my fav) iphone, my Kate Spade
 turquoise and white beach towel along with a good book.
4. What’s Your Favorite Sunscreen?
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I bought Aloe Up SPF30  while in Arizona last year and I
 like it,  it isn’t greasy and all natural.
5. Favorite bathing suit?
I have about four or five bathing suits, but my favorite is this
 turquoise DKNY Maillot that I bought a few years ago. 
I would love to find another one.
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Maria on vacation in Cabo
6. Do You Have a Favorite Coverup?
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I like this one I recently saw at Joe Fresh. I also have a
 black and white striped cover up that goes with
 all my colorful suits.
7 . What is Your Favorite hat?
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I just bought this hat from a tourist trap store on 
Granville Island in downtown Vancouver and paid over $100!! 
Snap it up here for only $40!
8. Sunglasses for Summer 2015
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My new glasses for summer are these Aviators from Maui Jim
The style works on my face best because of the shape.
 Some of their styles are curved down and look slightly droopy 
on my face but these are perfect.
9. What book is in your bag?
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This is one of my favorite books by Jude Devereux. I’ve had it
 for years and when I just can’t find anything else I want to read on the beach,
 I’ll re-read this one. A classic sweet love story that’s reminds
 me of Outlander because she goes back in time.
10. Favorite beach/pool shoes?
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I love black flip flops and wear them all the time.  But I’m into these slides right now because they are so comfortable. And I would have to say the sexiest pair of Crocs in the collection.
11. Favorite drink on the beach or by the pool?
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Well if someone would bring me a Watermelon Wiggle from Jugo Juice, 
I would be very excited to sip it by the beach or the pool.
12. What is Your Favorite summer activity?
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Photo was taken at dusk.
I’ve turned my covered back patio into a sanctuary that I love to spend time in during the summer. In the daytime when I’m working from home, you’ll find me sitting on this sectional. On Sundays, you’ll find me napping on it. It’s like having another huge room attached to your house for six months of the year. When we moved in I wanted to rip out the deck because it was NOT pretty but we had a bigger project to work on the outside and that was completely transforming our front and back yard with landscaping. Now that I’ve decorated the patio, I hardly notice that it’s not the deck of my dreams. 
Thanks Lisa for featuring me on your blog! Find me blogging about How to get Colour to Do What you Want™ at     
Thank you, Maria, for participating!  Cannot wait to see you at High Point Market!  Readers make sure to check out Maria’s website and blog.  She is the colormaster!  Traci Zeller and I love using Maria’s large paint boards when working on projects.  Oversized paint boards make seeing color so easy!  
My husband and I are still on vacation in Nevis.  Today we move to other side of the island to Nisbet Plantation, which was an old sugar plantation.  We wanted to experience both sides of this magical island while here.  
Watch my instagram for “real time” photos here.  
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