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Don’t Miss Out!…Sign Up for “LiketoKnowIt” Today!

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Do you ever see products or outfits on instagram and wonder who makes them or where to get them?  Ever ask an instagrammer where they got something and heard crickets?  
 Well, wonder no more!  There is a new app that allows you to find out instantly the answers to the who,what,where  of items in an instagram post.  All you have to do to get in on this groundbreaking feature is follow the steps above.  
1) Sign up for “LiketoKnowIt” by clicking here.  
2) Like a photo on instagram -The next time you see something you like on an instagram post simply click the “Like” button and if you have signed up with “LiketoKnow” the answers will be emailed directly to you!
3) Receive Ready-to-shop product Links directly in your email inbox.
I cannot tell you how many times I see a cute outfit and buy it from fashionistas on instagram through “LiketoKnow”   This feature saves me time and money by showing me where the latest fashions are at the best prices.  Of course both you and the person posting the instagram photo must both be members of LiketoKnow it but if you see the LiketoKnow it info in the posting instagrammers copy, that’s a green flag to “Like” the pic and find out where to get the goodies!  
Sign up today!  I plan to utilize “LiketoKnowit” in all my upcoming instagram posts when possible.  It saves so much time by eliminating the need to answer individual questions and let’s me know that your questions aren’t going unanswered!  Once you sign up you have the opportunity to chose whether to get the email immediately, or whenever you want.  Don’t miss out!  sign up today!  
Follow Me on instagram here. I must admit that’s where everything is happening in real time.  I love instagram.  I don’t know if it is because I’m so visual but to be able to follow people when they are at events or getting an insider view into someone’s private life, is so fun for me. 
If you aren’t on instagram, sign up for that then sign up for LiketoKnowit to be on top of the latest and greatest on the web!
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