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Design Chic….”What’s In Your Bag”

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Thank you so very much, lovely Lisa, for having us today! We are just thrilled to be a part of one our favorite blogs and are even more excited to focus on everything we love about summer. Pool, beach, boat, sun, sand, surf… What’s not to love? 
1. Do you go to the beach or the pool? If beach, 
what’s your favorite beach? 
We have a place in Beaufort and spend pretty much every day in Atlantic Beach between the pool and the beach since they’re right together where we go. We love both, but little Will pretty much calls the shots these days. It’s a little less relaxing but more entertaining for sure! 
2. What’s your favorite beach/pool bag?
We love a huge monogrammed Goyard tote for something super chic and think this Mar Y Sol Crocheted Tote with pom poms is just adorable! (Bonus points for the fact that it matches Dear Carolina!) 
3. What are necessities in your bag? 
We’re obsessed with Turkish towels because they are so lightweight and fold up to nothing, snacks, Boogie Wipes, (or Boogie Wipies as Will calls them… He’s obsessed and uses one every thirteen seconds.) book, sunscreen, cell phone, water, Annie’s Bunnies, extra sunglasses, chapstick, granola bars, Superman underwear, goggles. That’s just the beginning, so if you need something and see us on the beach, you’re in luck! 
4. What’s your favorite sunscreen? 
Kiss My Face spray! It’s the best. It’s lightweight and rubs in clear and smells yummy! It’s good for the whole family and doesn’t make our faces break out. 
5. Favorite bathing suit? 
Anything by Marysia. This one piece is gorgeous, but I’m loving their bikinis too! 
6. Favorite Coverup? 
This Miguelina crocheted tunic is so chic and goes with everything. 
7. Favorite hat? 
Eric Javits cutout wide brim hat. We tend to choose hats that are simple so they will pair with any color bathing suit! 
8. Sunglasses for Summer 2015? Tom Ford’s
 Ivanna Wrap Sunglasses. 
There are really so many good choices this summer, but we think this frame is so flattering!
 9. What book is in your bag? 
Well, as you may have suspected, Dear Carolina, of course! People have been sending me shots of Dear Carolina in places all over the country this summer, and it is so thrilling to see it by pools and on beaches everywhere! 
10. Favorite beach/pool shoes? 
Ferragamo’s jelly thong! It’s the perfect color nude that goes with everything. And I love these because you can get them all sandy and they’re a breeze to rinse off. 
11. Favorite drink on the beach or by the pool? 
Voss sparkling water. Hydrating, bubbly, so yummy! 
12. Favorite summer activity. 
We have a beach trip with Mom’s family every year that is a favorite tradition. There are twenty-two of us in all and we keep expanding! We all stay in one house and have the best time. We look forward to it every single year and have done it since Mom and her sisters were born.
Thank you Design Chic for participating today!  I love your picks for beach or pool.  I’m online now checking everything out and ordering a few for myself!  
Readers, if you haven’t picked up a copy of Kristy’s new book “Dear Carolina” do so today!  It’s a great summer read!  Click here to order and get your copy shipped today in time for reading this weekend!
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