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Additions to Wilsonart Decorative Metals Collection

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Wilsonart Introduces 14 Bold New Additions 
to Decorative Metals Collection
Expanded Collection Now Offers 33 Metals and Easier Fabrication
 Explore the new designs here:




 While precious metals, like gold and silver, are still the epitome of high sophistication, today, more industrial and utilitarian metals such as copper, aluminum, steel and brass have grabbed the spotlight.    
Channeling the trend of mixing and layering warm metal tones such as copper, gold and rose gold with cooler metal tones of silver and aluminum, Wilsonart, a leading manufacturer of decorative engineered surfaces for more than 50 years, is pleased to announce new additions to the Wilsonart® Decorative Metals Collection.

The 14 new designs look as though they have been honed by craftsmen to redefine luxury and sophistication. Heavily textured patterns appear to have aged to perfection with distinct and striking characteristics. Wilsonart, motivated to identify surfacing solutions, has even reconfigured the material makeup, manufacturing the new collection like a laminate. This process makes the new Decorative Metals easier than ever to fabricate, requiring the same tools as Wilsonart® Laminate.
With designs ranging from simple and smooth to textured and intricate, the additions to the Decorative Metals Collection, combined with the 19 existing designs, allow professionals the freedom to choose the most on-trend surface for their project, whether a hotel remodel, hospital reception area update, office space overhaul or anything in between. Three new designs, Rough Cut, Bronze Age, and Hot Tin Roof, showcase large-scale patterns. Bronze Age and Hot Tin Roof also feature unique tonality from sheet to sheet.
“Design professionals seek unlimited versatility and innovative design in order to deliver the best results to their clients,” said Natalia Smith, Wilsonart design manager. “Wilsonart Decorative Metals provide the ability to mix and match visually striking designs that are beautiful enough to resemble unique pieces of art and versatile enough to be used in any vertical application.”
The 2015 Decorative Metals Collection includes: Brite Brushed Sterling (L6441), Satin Brushed Palladium (L6442), Satin Brushed Penny (L6443), Ribboned Brite Brushed Sterling (L6444), Ribboned Satin Brushed Palladium (L6445), Ribboned Satin Brushed Penny (L6446), Ribboned Satin Brushed Aged Gold (L6447), Ribboned Matte Silver (L6448), Sequin Brite Brushed Sterling (L6449), Sequin Satin Brushed Palladium (L6451), Vinyl Records (L6452), Rough Cut (L6453), Bronze Age (L6454) and Hot Tin Roof (L6455). 
The new designs are available online today. Wilsonart backs its new Decorative Metals Collection with a promise of best-in-class service and reduced lead times from order placement.
Discover how simple it can be to specify surfaces with Wilsonart Decorative Metals. Visit or call 1-800-433-3222 to speak to a Wilsonart representative.
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About Wilsonart


Wilsonart is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of High Pressure Laminates and other engineered surfaces used in furniture, office and retail space, countertops, worktops and other applications. The company operates under the Wilsonart®, Resopal®, Polyrey®, Arborite®, Ralph Wilson® and Durcon® brands and has achieved success through a combination of outstanding service, high-quality products and a focus on continuously redefining decorative surfaces through improved performance and aesthetics. For more information, visitwww.Wilsonart.comor connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
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