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The “Must Have” Gadget for Summer 2015!

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Have you jumped on the spiralized bandwagon yet?  I just got one and am really
 excited about trying it.  I bought the Paderno four blade spiralizer from William-Sonoma, but you can buy them places likeAmazon, or Walmart too.  I bought the Paderno because it collapses for compact storage, which I find convenient especially at the beach house where storage is an issue.  This particular model is a little more expensive than most versions, but only a couple dollars more.  I like that it has four blades that store inside the unit.  The cheaper versions don’t fold, but that’s ok if you have room to store them or don’t want to spring for the folding version because of the added expense.  Most models are about the size of your toaster, but the one I bought is much smaller when closed.  
This spiral vegetable slicer is great for making pasta dishes, stir fries, salads, shoestring fries—and lots more.  
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“So how does this thing work and why use it,” you ask?  The spiralizer takes regular vegetables and turns them into faux-noodles or zoodles.  It’s a sneaky way of getting more veggies in your diet and eliminating carbs from heavy laden carb dishes that typically utilize pasta.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t just for the “carb-o-phobic”, chefs are using this machine to create yummy innovative dishes.   The spiralizer creates voluminous amounts of ribbons from a few veggies which makes you feel like you are getting tons of food.  Use it with firm fruits and vegetables, including apples, potatoes, carrots, cucumber, zucchini and more.  The one I bought includes four stainless-steel blades that make angel-hair or spaghetti pasta, can chip, finely shred and slice veggies, plus a pin accessory to use with the blades to create accordion cuts.
 Of course, I also like it because it makes the food pretty and I think we feast first with our eyes before we actually eat food.
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I searched online and found a recipe I want to use for my first dish from Snixy Kitchen called Sesame Miso Cucumber Salad!  Doesn’t this look yummy?  You can get the recipe here if you want to make it too.  Snixy Kitchen has load of great sound recipes, so check them out! 
If you are interested in the spiralizer I bought click here to purchase  
Regularly $64.90 but on sale for $59.95!  
The other things I bought was….
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How could I resist this cute little Nespresso Inissia in turquoise!  On Sale for $90.97!  I love the color for the beach house!  I didn’t want anything big or expensive so this little unit fit my needs perfectly!  

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