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Pearls of Wisdom 1.11.15

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When I was younger, I would go shopping and buy things just because I liked them. Sometimes those items were great purchases and other times they weren’t. My closet would end up bulging at the seams with clothing that I wore 25% of the time. As I have gotten older and wiser, I have gained more discretion over what makes the cut and comes to live in my small closet. I’m not like most of my friends whose closets have grown with their years. I still have a smallish walk in closet which is the same walk in closet I had 20 years ago. My sister on the other hand, has a closet that is so large she actually set up her last child’s nursery in one side of the closet and still had an entire side for his and her clothing. I think her closet was a bedroom converted into a closet by the previous homeowners. I haven’t had the luxury of a space like hers. I guess I have been guilty of closet envy on many levels, but recently I have come to terms with my envy. My house was built in the 80’s before the birth of the huge master bedroom closet. It was a simpler time lacking dressing room glamour. Unfortunately, this house doesn’t offer the option of knocking out walls and making my closet bigger. I could claim my daughter’s room next to the master and make a closet out of her room, but where would she sleep when she came home? Somehow I don’t think she would visit often if she had to sleep on the couch, do you? I don’t want to take that chance.
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In pondering my situation, I think I have found a solution! I have decided to buck the American way of thinking that “bigger is better”. I’m thinking practically folks! My solution is quite simple! I don’t need a bigger closet, I need less clothing. If I am wearing 25% of what is in my closet why do I have all those clothes? I can get rid of those size 2 pants that currently don’t fit and have no hope in sight of fitting anytime soon. I can get rid of those tops that might be perfect, for a night out on New Year’s Eve. Heck we don’t go out on New Year’s Eve anymore! If we did, I should buy a new top in celebration.

It’s official, I’m cleaning out my closet and committing to choosing well and buying less. I
know what I like to wear and what I need. Why not limit my closet to a small number of really great items and banish the rest? I have found that sometimes it is more cost effective to splurge for that great pair of shoes that I reach for over and over again rather than the cheaper pair, that get pushed aside and never worn. I’m taking inventory on my choices. I’m re-evaluating my options. I’m thinking minimalistic! Yeah, sound good?
What is the saying the happiest people aren’t the ones that have the best of everything but those that make the best of what they have? I want to be that person! I know, I know I’m suppose to be selling you on the bigger closet so I can come design it for you, right? Well, actually I am the type designer that doesn’t oversell.

I’m on a rant to get this place organized. I’m planning to take time this week getting organized want to join in on the fun? Do you have a closet problem? Is your closet issue overcrowding, organization or lack of space? Do share! I want to know!

Here’s what I’m going to do for my closet makeover:

Evaluate the contents of my closet
Make piles of items I wear and don’t wear
Cull the piles of what I wear into groups of what I wear most
Define the holes in my wardrobe and make a list
Divide the items I’m getting rid of into piles for charity and consignment
Look at new storage options to keep things neater

Arrange my closet my garment and color ( My closet is arranged
like this now, but you would never know it due to the overcrowding!)

Whew, I feel better already!

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