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Fire versus Gas Burning Fireplace Pros and Cons

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What are you doing on this cold January day?  I hope you are warming yourself by a cozy fire.  If so is your fire wood or gas burning?  The debate continues with pros and cons of wood burning versus gas burning fireplaces.  Which camp are you in?  
I have major allergies to an open fire, but I’ll forego the issues to warm myself by an open flame during the winter months.  My husband is so crazy about a wood burning fire.  I’m sure he would look for a new wife, if I didn’t agree to an open flame.  
Some people do not like wood burning fireplaces at all.  They prefer gas when burning a fire because of the ease. If you are trying to make a decision about which type of fire you want in your home here are some factors to consider:

 Pros for a Fire Burning Fireplace
 1. There is nothing like sitting next to a wood burning fire.
 2. If you have a working fireplace you are ready to go!  
 3.  if you live in a wooded area you have wood!
 4.  The snap, crackle and pop of a fire is both soothing and relaxing.
 5.  Enjoy the smell of a fire burning.
 6.    May also purchase certain types of wood for their aroma
 7.  No monthly gas expense
 8.  Did I say ambience, yes that is what a wood burning fire has over gas!
Cons for Wood Burning Fireplace
1. Bringing firewood inside the house is messy
2. Open fires can be dangerous. 
3. Embers can pop out of the fireplace and can burn people & things.
3. You are only as good as your fire supply.
4. If you don’t live in a wooded area you must buy firewood, and
    provide a place to stack it.
5. Storing firewood inside is both messy and can invite unwanted bugs inside.
6. Your firewood stack must be covered from the rain.
7. Firewood stacks are the perfect place for unwanted friends, like
    snakes to live.
8. Messy to clean up and dispose of properly.
Pros for a Gas Burning fireplace
1. Easy to install
2. Instant fire.  Can operate at the flip of a switch
3. Can choose logs now days that are very realistic looking.
4. Adds warmth to a a room.
5. No mess
6. No allergies for those who suffer.
Cons for a Gas Burning Fireplace
1.  It is expensive to install
2. Lacks the ambience of a wood burning fire
3. No snap, crackle and pop that a wood fire provides
4. No aromatic smell
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Here is another option I like….

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As I shared above, my husband doesn’t give me the option for a gas burning fireplace but if he did, I would have fireballs.  I think fireballs are the best of both worlds.  They are chic, clean and offer warmth.  What do you think of fireglass?  I kinda like fireglass, if a few stones are toss on top.  What do you think?

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The only thing better than sitting by the fire is lying beside it…I’m working on an option for that right now too!  Stay tuned!

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Wouldn’t this be dreamy by a fireplace?  I’ll bet everyone in the room
would fight over this spot!  
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I also love this options which could be wide enough to share!
Let me hear your thoughts?  Which fire burning option do you use in your home?  Are you happy with your choice?  Do you wish for another?  Share any tips you have for containing the mess of a wood burning fire.  I would like to share with readers your answers. 
Happy Saturday! 
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