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Pearls of Wisdom 01.25.2015

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I’m having a photo shoot this afternoon and have been busy getting everything planned.  Many years ago a wise older friend shared a little advice with me that she felt had served her well through her years.  This lady was a person I admired for many reasons.  She was a leader in her community, a savvy business woman and knew how to get things done.  Her advice was “to always remember in life, it is the meeting before “the meeting” that counts.”  

 She went on to explain that anything important in your life deserves proper planning.  Do your homework.  If you want to get something done, find out who or what can make that happen.  If you have a job interview research the company and make sure you know everything possible about this company.  Have contacts there, reach out to them and tell them about your interest in the job and ask for their advice in positioning yourself for to win the position.  You never know what nuggets of wisdom you may gleam.    Are you a designer who dreams of being published in a national magazine, make sure to research the magazine and see what the magazine is about.  What are their featured columns?  What can you do to connect and make yourself know?  I can’t tell you how many times I hear others say, “Wow she is lucky.”  “Everyone sure, loves her” when referring to a friend of mine who appears to have the world by the tail.  Friends, I can promise you this lady subscribes to my friend, Mary Ann’s philosophy.  She is thinking ahead and planning her strategy, then working the strategy to make things happen.
Do you do your homework?  Let’s, discuss this idea further  with ideas about “the meeting before the meeting” and game plans for getting things done.
As I said,  I have a photo shoot today so I must tackle my “meeting” chores so I am ready for the “main meeting” that is the photo shoot.
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First order of business is to get my flowers arranged!
Aren’t they beautiful?  
Things in life don’t just happen, we must hold ourselves accountable and do our due diligence to make things work to our favor.  Are you willing to do the work to get the job done?  
Follow me on Instagram, and I’ll give you a sneak peek of the photo shoot today.  I just got the iPhone 6 plus, and I excited about the insanely good photos the camera takes.  My iphone5 was good, but the 6 is off the charts.  I may never pull my big camera out again!  
Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Sunday! 
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