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5 Tips For Writing The Perfect Thank You Note!

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The holidays are over!  It’s time to get back to our normal routines, but first we have to thank everyone for the lovely gifts we received or do we? Emily Post says if you opened the gifts in front of the giver and offered an in person thank you at the time of the exchange, it isn’t necessary to send a thank you note, however the older generation may beg to differ.  Do you write a note and send snail mail or do you send an email?  Either way in todays times, either is acceptable.  The southern girl in me prefers to write thank you notes and drop in the mail.   Do you enjoy writing thank you notes or do you look at it as another chore to check off the list?   I like to make a little ritual out of note writing.  It gives me time to reflect on the gift and the giver.  
5 Tips For Writing The Perfect Thank You Note
1. Invest in custom notecards.   I promise note writing will be more fun if you have pretty notes to to write your notes on.  I’m crazy about my notecards from Emily McCarthy.  I believe in buying the heaviest weight card stock you can afford.  
2. Pick a favorite writing instrument.  Choose what feels best in your hand.  I am left handed so I avoid pens that smear.  Old school of thought was the ink had to be black but today anything goes.  Choosing a pen color that co-ordinates with your notecards is always a good idea.  
3. Think about what to say.  Don’t write a generic note.  Think about the giver and how you want to acknowledge the gift.  Make it personal by referring to the giver as well as the gift.  If the gift was monetary, make sure to express how you plan to use the gift. 
4.  Send your note timely.  Emily Post suggest sending a note as soon as you can, however, it is never too late to send a gift.  
5.  Provide a return address on the envelope.  Mail can get lost so to insure your thank you note arrives please include a return address on the envelope.  If you have the wrong the note will be returned giving you the opportunity to find the correct address and resend. 
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