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Pearls of Wisdom – Live Life With a Smile

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Friday night, I attended a memorial service for my friend, Lewis Brewer.  Lewis was the father of my childhood friend, Tina.  I spent many happy times in the Brewer home as a teenager.   He always had something fun going on.
As I sat in the church and listened while family and loved ones eulogized Lewis, I thought about the man we all knew and adored.  I don’t think I ever saw Lewis without a smile on his face.   Each person who spoke on his behalf at the service, mentioned his infectious smile.  Lewis once said that “doors would always be open for any person who was well dressed and wore a smile.” 

How often do you smile?  We all need to smile more and Lewis was proof of that.  Thank you Lewis for always giving us your sweet smile.  I won’t ever forget it! 
“When the saints go marching in” was the closing hymn at Lewis’ funeral.   That song made things more like a celebration, than a sad time.  I know that is exactly what Lewis would want.  I’m quite sure Lewis was smiling in Heaven. 
I am thankful for friends like Lewis, who will always make me smile when we remember then. 
And as Lewis would so often say…I know everything
 is gonna be alright.  
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