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Traci and I worked so well together, on the Junior League of Greensboro’s Show house with Traditional Home Magazine last year, we decided to share studio space!  The show house was the first time either of us had worked with another designer.  We discovered we really enjoyed bouncing ideas off one another.   While Traci Zeller Designs and Lisa Mende Design will remain separate firms, but look forward to working together harmoniously in our new digs!  Together we will bring Charlotte, resources not currently available in our fair city.
  We have been plotting behind the scenes for quite some time to to make this happen.  Finding the right location for both firms, as well as a place that was convenient for our clients was quite the task.   Providence Plaza on the corner of Sharon Amity and Providence Road proved to be a convenient location for all of our needs.  We will continue to bring Charlotte the best in residential new construction, renovation as well as commercial interior design!
We have so many fab events, scheduled to happen once we are open, but first we must finish with designing our new home.   We can’t wait to share pictures! It is going to be wonderful to have a working sample room, conference room and an office to call our own (well almost, since we are sharing the space). 
If you are in Charlotte please come by in April for a visit and check out new studio!  We plan to have furniture, accessories, original art and so much more! 
We look forward to work with you on your next project! 
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