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When I was younger I was really guilty of comparing my life to others, but as I have gotten older, I have come to realize that we must take responsibility for creating the lives we wish to live.  

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One of the gifts of getting older is gaining wisdom about how we want to live and what is important in our lives.  Some people call it getting “set in your ways”, I call it realizing how we want to live. The good news is you don’t have to wait til you are older to start living the life of your dreams. 
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Which brings me to an important topic.  Is your home your oasis? Do you feel relaxed when you enter your door?  Do you have a place to get away from the world and rejuvenate.  You are probably saying “that’s what a spa is for!”  And right you would be!  But what if I told you for the cost of several visits at the spa, you could have a spa like experience in your own home, anytime you want it?  With Mr. Steam you can! Now I can hear you are saying, ” but I don’t have a big house.”  Did you know that all that is needed for a steam shower in a space that is only 3’x3’x7′?  That’s right, it doesn’t take a lot of space.  My own bath isn’t very big, but I’m currently making plans to install a Mr. Steam  shower in my bathroom. It’s so simple to do.  To get started visit Mr. Steamwebsite and enter your dimensions here. Then contact me if you are in Charlotte, or your local design professional or Mr. Steam directly to build the spa of your dreams.
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Why do you want a steam shower? Are you aware of all the benefits steam offers?  Not only does it hydrate your skin but also removes toxins from the body, which can in turn boost your metabolism.  Not to mention it is so dang relaxing.

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Steam can act an expectorant, which an help
 with allergies and help ward off sinus infections and colds. 

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Yes, that’s right, you can burn 150 calories just sitting in a steam shower!  
So are you ready…..

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My favorite Mr. Steam product is the iSteam. It’s so simple to operate.  It allows you to adjust the temperature, lighting, music and aromatherapy all with just one finger touch control panel that is almost flush- mounted on your shower wall. Think “iPhone easy” to use.  Watch the video below and see for yourself how amazing this product is.

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Are you ready to turn your shower into a spa?  I know I am.  My own is about to happen!  I’m so excited!  My clients who have installed Mr. Steam sing it’s praises almost every time I see them.  I commonly hear, “I didn’t know how much I would enjoy having a steam shower” and “I’m so glad you suggested it”.  Take my advice and get your own Mr. Steam today!  You will wonder why you didn’t have one sooner.

I challenge you to start living a better life today with Mr. Steam!

This blog post was written in collaboration with Mr. Steam and Modenus.  Mr. Steam was a sponsor of Blogtour Vegas.  All opinions are my own.

I have to run because every Monday at noon Mr Steam does the Monday mambo to get the week moving.  Won’t you join us?  You can stand up at your desk and dance along!  Make sure you tweetMr Steam on twitter and let us know you did and if you are feeling really adventurous make a video of your Monday Mambo!!! 

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