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Currey & Co Shhh!!!!….Sneak Peek of High Point Fall Market 2013

I was chatting with Bethanne Matari, the Public Relations Maven of Currey & Co, the other day and asked if I could get a sneak peek of some of the new items to share with my readers and look what she sent me!  Shhhh….don’t tell!

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New from The Marjorie Skouras Collection


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   Wow! High Point Market is only a couple of weeks away! Time sure does fly doesn’t it? I loved traveling abroad, but must admit there are many treasures in my own backyard.  My bi-annual trips to High Point Market remind me how lucky I am to be so close to the  fabulous resources of High Point Market.   The Currey & Co Showroom is one of my favorite showrooms to visit during market.  There is always good food, drinks, live entertainment and special events!  It is definitely one of the “happening spots during market”.   And if that isn’t enough to entice take a gander at some of the new product offerings…

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Izzy Wall Sconce

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 Kilpatrick Table Lamp

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 Dartmoor Drinks Table

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Haywood Chandelier
First time showing… A new line designed by Shannon Koszyk
for Currey & Co  Here is a chandelier from that line.
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As I mentioned before, Bethanne always has something fun happening in the showroom during market.  If you are coming to High Point Market in October make sure you stop by Currey & Co for these exciting “must attend” events!
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I can’t wait to meet Currey & Co’s newest designer, Seattle based Shannon Koszyk!  Shannon originally a jewelry designer, has broaden her horizons to included home decor.
 Come for the opening day of market ,Saturday, October 19 from 3-5.  See the new line, meet the designer herself and enjoy some southern hospitality! 
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On Sunday, October 20th from 3-5 – Celebrate the long awaited Rizzoli book by Timothy Corrigan:  An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Lucé Decorating a Great French Country HouseMeet the author, buy a signed copy of his book and enjoy French inspired food & libations.  This is a beautiful book and one you will enjoy looking through time and again. (Don’t tell, but I heard rumblings of wine mentioned)

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Last but certainly not least….

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On Tuesday, October 22nd from 3-5 – The Peak of blogger and author, Jennifer Boles, will premier her new book:  In With The Old, Classic Decor From A to Z published by Potter Style/Random House.  Meet Ms. Boles and purchase a signed copy of her new book.  Jennifer really knows her stuff! And guess what…this book is currently only available for pre-order on Amazon, so if you get it at market, you will be one of the first!  I’m calling all design bloggers to come out in support!!  It’s going to be a fun event!  

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Are you familiar with Currey and Co?  It began as a historical garden company in 1988.  The company created and marketed products for the Winterhur Collection of the Smithsonian Museum.  It was known as Garden Source Furnishings then but in the 1990’s the name was changed to Currey & Co.  They expanded their product offerings and as their company grew they added new categories.  Today Currey and Co is known for it’s vast product selection.  Here are a few of the new introductions Currey & Co will be showing at the October Market. There are several hundred more that we will have to wait til market to see.  The items here all represent major trends in home decor that I saw in Europe.  Gold or brass, tassels, faux bois, drama and marrakesh were all prevalent themes in the home decor markets in Paris and London.  Currey & Co has all the latest trends covered as well as timeless classics.

High Point Market is always exciting and this year it is sure to be an exciting as ever, especially in the Currey & Co showroom.  Please make sure to stop in at Currey & Co for these fun events.  Make sure you tell Bethanne I sent you!
Look around for me if you come!  I plan to be at all three events.  I would love to see you!

Currey High Point Showroom Location:

 IHFC, M110 on Main Street, Street Level

To stay in the Currey & Co Loop:

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