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Pokkadots Halloween Nursery Design Contest – Enter Today!!!!!

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Click Here to Enter!!!


Have you heard about the Pokkadots inspired
 If not pop over and check it out.  Pokkadots has teamed up with Olioboard for this fun contest! You have nothing to lose and everything to win! If you aren’t familiar with  Pokkadots check it out here.  This online company has the most adorable things for little ones!  Peruse their fabulous selection of furniture, clothes, toys, gift ideas and more!  And if you haven’t visitedOlioboard yet (if you are a regular reader chances are you know I love Olioboard), it’s really cool!  It’s a great tool that makes designing a room so easy.   Olioboard is set up with bevy of products from around the web and customizable features to aid in building your room.  In this contest, Olioboard has created images of cute little babies dressed in
Halloween costumes to use an the initial design inspiration of the room.  All you have to do is pick one of the costumed babies then choose at least five products from Pokkadots and create your room!  You could win one of three gift cards totaling $1000! 
The contest ends at 9:00am PST on October 28th 2013

Click Here to Enter!!!


Check out some of the entries already created here or click below
 to get started on your own entry!
If you don’t want to play make sure you still go over to Olioboard and play around with
this incredible tool.  Also, make sure you visit Pokkadots and see all the goodness! 
I’m sure you will find it a great resources for your little one or for gifts for your friends. 
Check out Pokkadots sister stores at Wall Sticker ShopLayline and Modern Nursery.
To learn more about Pokkdots:
Pokkadots website
Pokkadots on twitter
Pokkadots on Facebook
Visit Olioboard and follow the contest:
Olioboard website
Olioboard on twitter
Olioboard on Facebook
Did I mention how honored I am to be the judge for the contest?
I can’t wait to see all the entries!!!
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