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New Series: Favorite Spots featuring Artist, Kerry Steele

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“Lying Under The Table and Dreaming” by Kerry Steele

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If you don’t already know this amazing artist, meet Kerry Steele.  I met Kerry online and instantly knew we were kindred spirits.  When I was involved with The Unity In Design Event in High Point, last year and made a plea for hand painted plates for the event’s auction, she immediately sent me a beautiful plate!  Over the summer, I acquired the painting above from Kerry and most recently the one at the very bottom of this post.  Don’t you love her work?  You can see more of her work by visiting her website here.  If you would like to read an interview to learn more about what inspires Kerry, she was featured on Art by Karena here.. Thanks to Kerry for agreeing to kick off my new Friday series called “Favorite Spots” where I asked my friends, designers, artists and bloggers to share a favorite spot in their home.  Kerry shared her living room as one of her favorite spots!
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Here is what Kerry shared with me about why this room is one of her favorites:
“My living room is directly across the entry hall from my studio and I love everything about the room. The wall color is SW faint coral and even my husband adores this pale pink color. The huge abstract is mine but there are a few pieces around the room by other artists. The room is somewhat small, so it forced me to pare down the accessories to my absolute favorites and what worked. Everything in here was done on a major budget (or inherited) so it took a long time to find the right things.”
                                                         -Kerry Steele                                                          
Don’t you love Kerry’s living room?  I do! I especially love the painting and the wall color, but the sofa is quite a beauty as well.
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This is the second piece of Kerry’s work that arrived this week!
 Which is your favorite?
If you would like to learn more about Kerry or see more of her work make sure
to connect with her at the links below!
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