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High Point International Furniture Market Just announced the October Market Style Spotters and I am happy to announce I was chosen to participate among this talented group of professionals.
What exactly does a Style Spotter do? Read below to find out more.
You must have a Pinterest account to vote for Style Spotters.  If you don’t currently have one click here to sign up.  If you do have one, make sure you “follow” once this year’s board is available.  I’ll let you know when.  That’s where the action will be and where you will vote for your favorite Style Spotter’s products.  Once we start pinning items to our pin board at market you will vote by liking and re-pinning your favorites!
Thank you to all who have voted for me in the past!
It will be fun to see what ever one chooses this year for trends!
October Market is Oct. 19th – 24th
If you haven’t registered to come you can do so by clicking here
Announcement from the High Point Market Website:


High Point Market’s Style Spotters are home fashion trendsetters that showcase their favorite products and top trends at the Market. The Style Spotters post and curate their favorite looks on Pinterest, a website that lets users organize and share photos on virtual pinboards. See what they discover during Market, October 19-24.

Fall 2013 Style Spotters

Style Spotters are trendsetters that see ahead of the curve in home fashion trends. Watch for them at Market as they walk the show, capturing images of their favorite looks and on-trend products. The Style Spotters will pin those photos to their Pinterest board and will list the exhibitor’s name and showroom number. They will also present the exhibitor with a sign that highlights the Style Spotter’s name with a QR code and URL for the Pinterest board. You can be involved, too! Pin your own product images and vote for your favorite Style Spotter, using the instructions on the right.

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