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What’s In My Beach Bag & Things I Can’t Live Without At The Beach!

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I like to have several beach totes to match my various beach ensembles so it helps when you can find something this cute at Target!  It’s roomy and holds all my beach/pool essentials. 
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I’m digging anything Karen Walker makes.  The girl has it seriously going on!
These glasses are fab!  Large enough to cover your eyes with enough style to 
make you hip and chic in the sun!

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Kaminski hats became my favorite of mine when I visited Bermuda in 1996.  I adore these well made hats by Helen Kaminski of Australia. If you don’t know the story about her incredible line pop over and read it here.  I still wear the hat I bought 17 years ago fairly often.  Since that trip to Bermuda, I have added several to my collection, but the Provence 8 remains my fav, because it rolls up and is easily stored in my beach bag.

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You might find this rolled up in my bag as well.  Sometimes I like a soft, loose coverup
with a little sleeve.

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No one really likes to keep time on the beach but every now and then you need
to know when to flip over to achieve the perfect tan!  If you want a waterproof watch but don’t want to shell out a lotta bucks …Nixon makes the Time Teller P which is available in 32 colors amazing color ways. I especially like their dip dyed collection but I chose the
all white so it will go with everything
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I adore a good surf shirt and Tory Burch hit it out of the park on this one!
When I’ve had too much sun or want coverage on the boat this is my go to shirt!

I love the whole “mix match” bathing suit separates concept.  Not everyone is the same size top and bottom.(actually rarely)  This concept also allows you to mix colors and patterns making your suit a little more unique than off the rack matchy matchy.  I feel out of fashion wearing a top and bottom that match anymore around my stylish nieces who look fab in tops and bottoms of different colors and patterns.  Of course when you are young  and wearing Trina Turk or Tory Burch, you look fab in anything, right? But then again, why not buy the Trina top and a bottom from tar-jay?

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Speaking of Target, this tankini top from Target is great on it’s own, no apologies.  I love to do the high/low thing with fashion, just like I do in home decor.  When you already have a “star”, it’s alway nice to make the supporting cast affordable.  When I buy items from places like Target, I always opt for the solids because patterns are easier to identify as being from a certain place, but solids…who know, right?  Not that I really care where it’s from.  I buy what I like not because of where it’s from or who made it.  (Ok, so I lied, I sometimes buy it because I like who makes it!)

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Again, if I were pairing a plain bottom with my Tory surf shirt, I would opt for a simple solid navy bottom, but when I want to take the look up a notch, this is my girl!  Isn’t she cute?  This little number provides great coverage, a sassy look and modesty!

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My all time favorite shoes for the beach or pool have been Havaianas for about 10 years! I have Gisele Bundchen to thank for introducing me to these comfy flipflops!  Today is National FlipFlop Day I do believe!  I love this polka dot pair!  Havaianas are available in so many patterns you can always find one to fit your outfit or your mood!  Check out all the patterns on their website.  While there why not create a personalized pair to set you apart from the crowd?

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I always feel naked without earrings, but don’t like fusing with anything that gets in the way on the beach, especially when putting on and pulling off surf shirts.  This little pair of pearl studs is perfect!  Pearls seem so appropriate for the beach, after all didn’t pearls come from the sea?
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This nautical rope bracelet from Cathy Davey’s etsy shop Salti is perfect for the water. She has so many great designs.  Make sure to check out her shop Salti!

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A waterproof camera is a must and I am enjoying this sporty Olympus TG-630. 
It compact and easy to use

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Ok, so it isn’t waterproof, but I am a total sucker for something this cute
for the beach!  Not to mention…it’s currently on sale!!!!  You can always stick
it in one of these to protect it on the beach…

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I highly recommend these cases for your phone or if you don’t have a
 waterproof camera. Just pop your phone or camera inside and it will keep 
your electronics safe from the elements!

Another favorite of mine is this great case….

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This case is perfect when boating!  The good news here is you never lose your phone!
I have threatened to wear this around everyday.  I think it would be great so
like Disney where you might want a phone but are afraid you will lose it.  It keeps your phone
handy at all times.  Available for which ever phone you have…

Speaking about protection from the elements I never go out without….
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Now that we all use our ipads to read at the beach or pool, an Otterbox is a must!
I’ve been thinking about taking paint pens and decorating my case!

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Our local beach shop  South End Outfitters carries SunBum Products and I must say I am in hooked (no pun intended)!  Bar none the best sun products on the market!  Tested and approved and recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.  Recommended by dermatologists! There is original , & pro versions available in lotion and sprays and comes in SPF 15,30,50 & 70.  BabyBum is due out this month!  This sunscreen not only delivers awesome protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but smells good while doing it’s job.  I’m in love with all their products especially the lip and face protection.
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The SunBum Lip Balm has SPF 30 with aloe vera and Vitamin E. It is available in Banana, Mango, Pomegranate and my fav…Key Lime!
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No time for a tan?  I suggest you rush out and buy some
James Read Liquid Tan.  It’s fabulous.  He even created a video to 
show you how to get the best results.


From the looks of the rain outside today, I’m going to be using my James Read Liquid tan as well!  Here’s hoping you have a good book if you are stuck inside like I am today.  I’m going to be reading this and trying to catch up with the study I’m doing this summer here at our beach!  If I have a little free time this evening I plan to start reading this!  I heard it was the “must read” book of the summer from my friend Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips!

Oh! One more thing… if it is raining where you are you might want to follow my Pinterest boards  because I plan to do a littleCoastal living shopping online as well as adding a few new ideas to my summer wardrobe.  I also have been posting lots of pics oninstagram! I invite you to follow me on both! I’m planning to start a new DIY, yes I said it!  DIY project on soon and will be posting about it on instagram as I progress.  Watch out all you DIY girls!

What are items you can’t live without in the summer?  I wanna know?
Also, if you are a blogger and would like to be included in my “What’s in Your Beach Bag” Monday posts, email me at  I would love to include you!

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