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Photo Shoot & I’m Exhausted!!!

Have you ever done a photo shoot?
Well, if so, you know how exhausting it can be, but also how exciting, fun, crazy and all things good it can be as well, right?  I had a photo shoot yesterday and the work prior kept me from blogging, yesterday doing the shoot kept me from blogging and today…well, I’m just plain tired! 
My photographer was the ah-mazing!  Lisa Turnage from Lisa Turnage Photography.  My makeup artist was the ah-mazing Elizabeth Tolley of Charlotte (she has done Katy Perry and several other fam ppl)and my production assistant was the ah-mazing Ken Novak, can we say fab-u-lous! 
I have to say this trio made for a triple amazing day! Here are a three sneak peeks I snapped from the shoot.  I couldn’t have done it without them!
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Would love to show you more, but promised I wouldn’t just yet! I’m off to a fab lunch with Holly Hollingsworth Phillips!  We are meeting to discuss our trip toAltSummit coming up on Jan 23rd in Salt Lake City!!!! Can’t wait! 
I have loads to share, I haven’t been away from blogging because I was sleeping, so stay tuned, can’t wait to fill you in on all the goodness I have been up to!  But today….I play!  Enjoy your day, you won’t ever get this day back! Are you making it count?
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