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5 Minutes to Clear Clutter

Let’s Clear Some Clutter!


Did you know that you can start with 5 minutes of clearing clutter in little corners and build momentum

from there? If you start with baby steps, the baby steps can lead to big steps and before you know it your clutter is gone! First, identify your clutter zones. We all have them!  In my house it is our back door area, the kitchen desk and a chair in my bedroom.  Ugh! Drives me crazy! So let’s talk about the kitchen desk. Don’t we all want our desk to look like my friend and follow designer from Arkansas,Andrea Brooks. Mine NEVER looks like this!
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Via Andrea Brooks Interiors

Photography by Nancy Nolan


Task at Hand – Clearing the desk…
Get three bags and label them trash, store, donate.
If you must have an undecided bag,that’s ok too, just don’t make it the biggest bag or you will be defeating your cause.  Next, sort your clutter and put in the bags as marked. As you review each piece, ask yourself   Does it have special meaning? Do I love it?, Do I need it? Do I use it? Then…here’s the biggie…get it out of the house! Throw away, put in the car to donate or put in a box to store.  The undecided bag needs to be put somewhere you can review in a couple of weeks. I would suggest a closet or a shelf in the garage. Be careful with the storing part because you might be creating work for a later date. That’s the 5 minutes for today but if you have a few more minutes….
Next create an area that works!
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Via Container Store


To get rid of excess paper I use the Genius Scan but if you want to hang onto the papers and need a place for them before filing, find a paper sorter that works for you! Here are some great ones from the Container Store!  Don’t forget to get the pretty file folders to go along with the sorter!  

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Via Container Store

I like to use labels, so that I can change the label if I change my categories.

Ok, so go get your desk straight! I’m off to clean my now!  Make it a great day! 

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