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Monday Notebook Notes: Section #2 How To Get Inspired to Decorate Your Home

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Credit House Beautiful, Ashley Whittaker,designer, Eric Piasecki

We are back to our notebooks today.  Did you get all the questions answered?  Do you feel as though you are moving forward with creating an authentic home for your family? 

In our efforts to create our special haven for our families

and ourselves, we must first find inspiration.  How do you discover what makes your heart sing?  What colors, patterns, styles of furniture accessories and art do you like?  
Here are the places I find inspiration:
1)Online – Houzz, Pinterest, Professional Portfolios,
2) Nature – Take a walk outside and look at the trees,
sky, grass or take a drive through the country.  I
3) Bookstores or libraries – I love to go to the bookstore
and look around.  Giving myself permission to ramble
in the book store can often be just what I need to 
reboot my creative juices
4) Resources – As a designer I can pop over to my
trade showrooms and look at fabric or wallpaper but
if you can’t do that, go to the local fabric store or
furniture store and look around. I am a self professed
fabric hound!  Love it! This is often where my projects begin!
5) Magazines – Looking online is great but there is
something about holding that magazine and being
able to tear out pages that I love.
6) Art Galleries and Museums – Looking at the works of
others especially museum quality work is so inspiring.
7) Travel – I dream of going to Morocco just to see the colors!
Where ever I go I like to snap pictures of things that inspire me with my iphone.  I think it is important to have those to reference when putting ideas together.   Before I start any job, I do an inspiration or mood board, which we will talk about next week. In the meanwhile, start gathering your inspiration!
Where do you like to go? 
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