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Out With The Old and In With The New….

The holidays has passed, we are left are the empty boxes, items to returns and thoughts toward the New Year.  Any resolutions?
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As you plan your new year’s activities, how do you prioritize your goals for your home? I know first hand that we often live with things we don’t really care for because it is easier than trying to figure out what you do like or want.  Is your home authentically you?  Worried that you will chose things that will be out of style in a year?
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Are you still hanging onto those brass candlesticks that Aunt Susie gave you ten years ago just because she gave them to you?  Do you still like them? Did you ever like them?  If not, it’s time to purge, regroup and authenticate your home!  Lose what isn’t you!
Less is more, drink the kool aid!   Join me for a new series called ” Authenticate Your Home”.
Beginning, in January, we will be discussing how to look at your home with new eyes!
What to keep and what to purge?  Shake it up and move things around to create new energy in your home.  Out with the old and on with the new, how to purchase things that speak to your soul, your life and your purpose.  Functionality of your home, what works and what doesn’t?  These are just a few of the topics we will be covering on our journey to an authentic home.  Is money an issue?  No worries, I will give you ways to get the home of your dreams without spending big bucks if that is your goal.  Of course if you desire a high end designer home, we will look at that as an option as well.  
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The mailbag will be open, if you have any questions, design issues or thoughts please feel free to write me at   I will designate one day to answering mailbag questions if I get enough mail from you!  It’s your chance to get free advice!  So go ahead and send your questions my way! 

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