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Brizo hosts Cocktail Party With Jason Wu for Blogger#19 Group

When Brizo whisked us away after the Jason Wu fashion show to MPE Penthouse for the after party, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was, to be part of this event.  Just three short years ago, if anyone had told me, if I would be attending a fashion show of any sort, during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC this year, I would have thought they were crazy!  Yet, here I was in a NYC penthouse after attending Jason Wu’s show, with a group nineteen other talented designers from across the country known as Blogger#19!  This exciting day and all the other events of the week, were courtesy of my favorite luxury line for the home, Brizo!  How amazing is that?  How lucky am I?

While we were waiting for Wu to arrive, we chatted with one another and met a few Blogger #19 alumni we had returned for the party.  The team from Brizo, had excelled at making it a night to remember.  The views from the terrace were incredible, the food was delicious and the venue was amazing!  

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At 6 o’clock he arrived….Jason Wu, man of the hour!  The moment we had all been waiting for!!!  He slipped quietly into the room and began chatting with guests rather nonchalantly.  He made his way around the room greeting familiar faces and indulging those of us who walked up to meet him.
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Wu talking with Connor who was responsible for connecting Wu with Brizo, along with Richard O’Reagan, President of Delta, and Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design for Brizo
 Jai Massela welcomed Wu and thanked him for allowing us to attend his show, which she deemed, “one of the most sought after fashion shows of the week”.  To which Wu nodded and said, “if I weren’t’ Jason Wu, I couldn’t get a ticket”.  After the laughter stopped Wu answered questions about his vision and inspirations for his new line.  His said his focus was on ” the feminine form”.  The inspiration was drawn from two photographers famous for photographing the feminine form, Helmut Newton and Lillian Bassman.  Newton for his erotic, sexually charged photos and Bassman for her soft, feminine interpretations.  Wu spoke passionately about his work, but also revealed a bit of his warm-hearted humor, when asked about his phrase du jour.  He quickly spouted out  “Excuse My Beauty”, and then explained it was a funny line from an old “Cops” episode!  This man is not only brilliant, he has a sense of humor!
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 Next we enjoyed the Brizo after party tradition of Wu viewing his show for the first time with the group. I can’t tell you how fun it was to watch Wu as he watched months of hard work culminate into a reality!  
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Everybody was intensely watching the show and watching Wu watch the show!

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There was so much energy and excitement in the room.  As designers, we all know the feeling of completing a project and feeling like it was a job well done! 
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Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design for Brizo continued the discussion with insights to how the collaboration between Brizo and Jason Wu began.   They discussed Wu’s request of a “black faucet” and how Brizo answered his request.   Yet another example of how Wu sets trends rather than follows them which is in line with Brizo’s way of thinking as well.  It makes sense these two fashion forward thinking lines would merge to create fabulous products for the home.  This union is proof that fashion is more then just what we see on the red carpet or the runway, it is a lifestyle.   Brizo and Jason Wu share the same vision that good design is as important in your home as the clothes you wear. Their common goal is to bring innovative designs that are timeless and fresh to the marketplace.   

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At only 29 years of age, Wu is another example of how transition can make you grow.  Although, Wu’s transition from doll designer, to fashion designer and then designer of home goods, doesn’t seem like the same journey of transition that I have experienced with grieving, I am sure along the way, he had times of doubt, anxiousness and apprehension, but relied on faith in himself, his goals and hard work to get to the successful place he is today!  This amazing designer brings so much joy to so many people!  Thank you Jason Wu for giving of yourself and your time to us.  Thank you Brizo for an amazing trip!   I will forever be grateful to the Brizo Team who invited me and for the many friendships I made with other designers throughout the country!  

Jason Wu with the Brizo Team….

A special thank you to:
Brizo Marketing and Products Teams:
Richard O’Reagan, President, Delta Faucet Company,
Brian Nobbe, Marketing Director, Jai Massela Senior Channel Marketing Manager,
 Laura Brooks, Senior Brand Manager, 
and Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design 

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Our group of Designers -Blogger #19 September  2012

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THE AMAZING #Blogger19
Michele Alfano of Mod Design Guru
Pamela Copeman of Pamela Copeman Design Group
Edyta Czajkowska of Edyta & Co Interior Design
Christy Davis of Vining Design Associates
Manvi Drona Hidalgo of Mochantini
Sandy Espinet of Sandy Espinet
Laurie Gorelick of Laurie Gorelick Interiors
Denise McGaha of Denise McGaha Interiors
Jennifer Mehditash of Mehditash Design
Lisa Mende of Lisa Mende Designs
Stacy Naquin of Stacy Naquin Interiors
Whitney Porter of Ferguson
Courtney Price of Courtney Price Design
Jennifer Reynolds of Jennifer Reynolds Interiors
Rebecca Reynolds of Cullinary Kitchen Designs
Lakesha Rose of L Design Group
Traci Zeller of Traci Zeller Designs
(Thank You to Jennifer Reynolds for the list of Blogger #19 Attendees)
(Big Thank You to Jayme Thornton Photography for
use of all the amazing photographs on this post!)
P.S.  & A Happy Birthday to Jason Wu
 who will be turning 30 on
September 27, 2012!!!!
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