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What Do You Have Over Your Bed?

 A constant question I get in my business is “What should I hang over my bed”. Once you have chosen your headboard or bed, how do you decide what to hang over it?  I typically ask these questions  1) What personality do you want your room to convey,  2) Do you have a great piece of art, photograph or collection you might want to use? 3)What is the budget?  The bed is typically the focal point of most bedrooms therefore,what you hang over the bed dictates the feel or personality of the room.  If you have a piece of art or a collection you would like to use, we can use that as a jumping off point for decorating the room.  If you don’t, then budget can dictate our options. 
Here are some ideas to consider:

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Do you like the simple black and white photographs hung in Martha Stewart’s creative director,
 Eric Pike’s bedroom as seen in Martha Stewart Living.   This creates a calm sense with the absence of color,
 also the way the  pieces are hung further enforces a sense of balance and serenity. 
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Town & Country – Ruthie Somers
Do you prefer a luscious fabric over the bed like Ruthie Somers
created in this bedroom featured in Town and Country? This
beautiful fabric gives this bed a sense of opulence and grandeur
which makes the room a little more feminine and formal.
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What about having one large piece of art as shown in this bedroom by Timothy Wheelan in Veranda?
 The realistic art added a little color and current vibe to an otherwise neutral  and traditional room
 therefore adding another layer of interest to the space.
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Tammy Conner
Do you have a special collection you would like to showcase over your bed like
these antique plates ,designer Tammy Conner  displayed over
 the bed in this bedroom?
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Better Homes and Gardens


Is your headboard the star of the room like this carved upholstered headboard in Better Homes and Gardens and you really don’t have room for anything more? In a situation like this, the pillows then become the design element instead of something hanging over the bed.
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Better Homes and Gardens
Do you like a minimal look of a simple shelf with art and a map leaning on the shelf as 
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Starburst mirrors such as this one in a bedroom designed by Celerie Kemble featured
 in Lonny have been popular in recent years.
The options are endless for creating interest on your bed wall…you could create a gallery wall, hang wallpaper or frame your children’s photos in a creative way, hang a collection of antlers, a triptych of prints or a large tapestry.  You are only limited by your imagination.  
Here are a couple of helpful hints:
1) when hanging a grouping make sure you put framer’s dots or double stick velcro dots  behind each piece so the pieces stay in place.
2) Hang the base of your lowest piece high enough above the bed that your head doesn’t hit it if sitting in bed
3) Make sure when hanging heavy objects, you hang properly according to weight.  You don’t want a heavy piece to fall on your head in the middle of the night!   
What is hanging over your bed?  Guess what is hanging over mine?
If you guessed a starburst mirror, you would be correct!
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