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I am so excited to have my design board up for the High Point Furniture Market’s Style Spotter Contest sponsored by the market and Olioboard!!!!  I need your vote everyday if I stand a chance of winning at all.  If you would post on your Facebook and ask your friends to vote for me too, that would be great!  I would so appreciate any support you can give me!  I don’t care if it’s a tweet, email or what….each one counts!!!! The contest started today and runs through August 21st!!!! The clock is ticking, so please go vote for me!!! Pretty please with sprinkles on top!!!!  I think it would be so much fun to be a Style Spotter at market!
 You can go vote for me by click on the text below, once you are on Olioboard, you will be instructed to either set up a user name and password(so they know you are legit or if you are already a member you just vote by clicking the check on the right below my room.

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Lisa Mende Design/Aqua Delight

In honor of the contest, I have decided I am going to have a giveaway at the end of the contest to thank my voters!  Since you can vote daily, I will enter your name into the drawing each time you vote!  The drawing will be on  August 22, the day after the voting is over!  Each tweet & vote (worth 1 entry)  & if you post on Facebook with a link for your for your readers to be able to click and vote for me(worth 10 votes daily).  Leave a comment with all the ways you got the word out there!  The winner will receive a handblown Glassybaby  candleholder!  You get to choose the one you want!!!   $44 value! If you don’t have a glassy baby  you don’t know what you are missing. I light my almost daily!  It is beautiful!  Who knows, I may decide to have more than one prize and more than one winner, so get busy!  Help me get the word out!!!!  Thanks in advance for your support!  I can’t win without your votes and the votes from all your friends, too!!!!

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And if you haven’t ever been on Olioboard before, by all means check it out, while you are there! It is awesome!  Just look at the fifteen boards that were created for the contest!  Every board is different! Olioboard is an unique as you are! If you can’t find what you want from their library, you can download your own items from your own pictures or the internet.  It really is great fun!

I don’t want to wear you out with asking for votes, but if you get tired of hearing it just remember it’s only for 20 more days!!!!! Thanks in advance, I’ll try not to be too obnoxious with it!!!  I’m just really excited about it!

Next up “The One Room Challenge” Revel

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Wow!  I cannot believe that the One Room Challenge Reveal is Here!!! Where did the six weeks go?  I really want to thank Linda from My Crafty Home and Jennifer fro The Pink Pagoda for asking me to participate!  It has been so much fun!  I feel like I made some really great friends from doing the challenge. What a neat group of women! In case you are just now tuning in, here is a list of all the participates:

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It has been so much fun, I really hate to see it end but hopefully I will get asked back for the next challenge!  Now onto my reveal!  I wish my pictures were better, but I didn’t have my good camera with me and I haven’t had the opportunity to drive back, so you’ll have to forgive me! If you are just now coming to the party, click on week four, it has links to all the other weeks, to catch you up on all the fun we have been having doing the challenge!
First,lets look back at where we started….
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In progress….

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The final results!!! Sorry the lamps are on!  See how nicely those cabinets look painted?  I told the client that I wanted her to paint her ceilings light blue when she paints again!  Benjamin Moore Paladium blue would be there perfect color for her.
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The client had the metal table to the right of the sofa in 
her third floor so we swiped it for the family room!
Yes, we chose the blue velvet sofa!!! Isn’t it yummy?

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I think the big mirror is perfect over it, don’t you?
These pics are a little distorted.  That is an 87″ sofa but it doesn’t 
look like it in these pictures!

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The rug is perfect with the fabrics and I 
love the wooden blinds instead of drapery.
They add an aire of informality and warmth
to the room.  
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 Bird’s eye view of the room.  
(No, I am not a photographer)
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Photo of the breakfast room with the handmade african baskets. 
Those chairs were moved from her dining room. Also, wooden blinds were added here to replace the white blinds from above.

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As I said, I am sorry these pics aren’t better but I think you get a pretty good understanding of the transformation that took place in a few weeks here. 

I hope you enjoyed following me on the One Room Challenge as much as I enjoyed participating!  Don’t forget to check in with the others to see their

finial reveals as well.  Have a happy Wednesday!

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