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My Fabulous Friends! New Friday Series…

One of the benefits of blogging is it allowed me to meet some pretty fantastic people.  I have decided my new Friday Feature will be to introduce you to some of the people I have had the pleasure of getting to know through blogging. It is only fitting that the first person on my Fabulous Friends List is the one actually suggested I start a blog, the one and only …..
Laura Trevey editor of Bright, Bold and Beautiful
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Laura and I have been on three trips together over the course of the past year.
We have been to Laguna Beach, California, Memphis, TN and now to NYC!
I told her when we were in NYC, she needed to get busy planning our next trip!
 She was my roomie at Blogfest 2012, along with Kirsten Nease of Kirsten Nease
 Design (I’ll tell you about Kirsten in another Friday post cause she is fabulous too!) 
Here is Laura lounging on a sofa in the Jonathan Adler space at the ICFF in NYC last week!
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Here we were later that day at the Blogfest 2012 Kickoff party
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What can I tell you about Laura? The name of her blog Bright, Bold and Beautiful, pretty much sums up her personality as well.  She is always bright and cheery.  She is a dynamic personality, people are drawn to her, hence bold.  She is definitelybeautiful on the inside and out!  The only thing I would add to that is energetic!  You should try keeping up with her on the streets of NYC!  Speed walker I’m telling you!  
Laura delivers her daily dose of inspiration on her blog!   If you aren’t familiar with her blog please click over and check it out.  But warning….You’ll be hooked!  Laura is married to Sam and they have three adorable children.  She is an accomplished watercolor artist and gave away many of her beautiful pieces of art at Blogfest!  I was the lucky recipient of not one, not two but three!  Below are the pieces she gave to me!  I was going to wait til I get them framed before posting about them but decided to go ahead and show you!  These would make great graduation grifts for the girls on your list!   What girl wouldn’t like to have one for her dorm room?  All are available in Laura’s Etsy Store Here
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Fashion Illustration

And if you don’t want to buy girlie prints, she will also take commissions to  do homes, boats, landscapes and beachy prints.  Go look and when you buy, tell her I sent you!

I feel so lucky to have fabulous friends!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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