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Favorite Quotes & Things I learned from Blogfest 2012

My favorite part of Blogfest 2012 was getting up close and personal with many of the interior designers
  and shelter magazine editors I so admire.  I thought I would share some of the
 take aways I gleamed from the three days I spent in NYC at Blogfest 2012 sponsored by Kravet 
1. The Design for a room can start with one object or theme
“The inspiration for this room was the bird cage.  Once I purchased 
that the rest of the room was designed around it.”
– Charlotte Moss(speaking about her garden room in the Kips Bay 2012 Show House
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2. Inspiration for design is everywhere
” Inspiration comes from everywhere.  Sometimes when starting a new collection my team 
and I will take a day and go out in city to gain inspiration.  When we meet up to discuss,
 often there are repeating themes.  When this happens, we know it is something to look at further.”
Lisa Wilkie, Director of Trimmings for Kravet, Inc,
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2.  “Original Fine Art” isn’t necessary to have a show house worthy room
“These murals were created by taking personal photographs of fine works
 of art and producing into oversized murals”
                            –Raji Radhakrishan(Kips Bay Show House 2012)
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(Image above by Marco Ricco)
Photograph Raji took of the King’s Chapel In Versailles and created this piece
to hang over the mantle at the Kips Bay Show house 2012


3. Design can be anything
“American designers have an “I can be anything attitude”
                                            -Dara Caponigro, Editor in Chief, Veranda 
                                                (discussing high & low design sensibilities)
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4. What editors look for in projects for publication
“I look for “aha moments” when deciding if projects are worthy of publication”.
 We work hard to try for that perfect balance of enhancing the project without
 tampering with the designer’s aesthetic”
 – Newell Turner, Editor in Chief of House Beautiful
 (discussing what he looks for in projects worthy
 of publication in House Beautiful magazine
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5.  It’s important to always push yourself
“When you get comfortable, you settle, and then, you’re not pushing yourself to new experiences” – Michael Herald
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Via Quintessence
6.  Verbalize your goals to someone
“Sharing your goals is important, because you then become accountable,
 and will receive support along the journey”
– Jon Call, Mr Call Designs
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Newell Turner, Editor of House Beautiful with “New Wave” HB Designers, Michael Herold,
Jill Goldberg, Hudson Interiors and Jon Call, Mr Call Designs
7. Good design doesn’t have to be custom and doesn’t have to take forever.
“Almost everything in this room is from a retail catalogue available to anyone
 and are quick ship items.  There are only a few custom items in this room, like
 the canopy over the bed and window treatments”.  The trick is putting them
 together to get a designer look. 
– Katie Leede (discussing the room she designed
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8. We all need each other
Designers, bloggers, fabric manufacturers, editors, all need to
 work together for the good of the industry.


Thom Felicia was approachable and engaging
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9. Be Resourceful…
“I borrowed this chandelier out of a client’s house for this room at Kips Bay,
I gave the client a loaner for the month!”  
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Alexander Doherty in his room at Kips Bay Show House 2012
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10  “Neutrals are not kid friendly” is a myth…
“A presumption is that neutrals aren’t kid friendly.  There are ways to navigate around
 this with fabrics, textures, etc. – it’s really about durability”.  “Use enamel paints and
 high gloss finishes in high traffic areas.  Faux leathers and outdoor fabrics for are
 perfect for upholstered pieces which will withstand the wear and tear of children”
 (when asked by Dara Carapongo about how he designed his project in
 the current Veranda for a family with children) 
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11. Important to keep Business Just That
“Keep work relationships totally professional.”  It’s hard to work for friends,

                        because, they feel they can call you after hours or expect things beyond typical work relationships.

(not attributing this quote to the designer out of respect, but this was a definite
 “biggie” take home tidbit to ponder)


12. Always follow your passion
“Always Follow Your Passion, listen to your inner voice” (He started his career as
 an attorney because  that was what he thought was expected of him) 
13.  Don’t let fear keep you from doing what you love
“I had no idea what I was doing when I first started my design business” 
(don’t let that stop you)
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Kirsten Nease, Darryl Carter and yours truly at Heart Towers


14. Again, “Follow Your Passion”
“I started my career on wall street, but my passion for design found me ” 
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Timothy Whealon Design on the cover of May/June Veranda
15. The job of a good designer
“My job is to help my client find their voice in the design of their home”
(describing how the dining room on the cover of May/June
 is a reflection of the husband and wife who live in the home)


16. How to insure you love your work
“It’s important to interview your potential clients, just as they are interviewing you”. 
Personalities have to mesh if you are designing someone’s home, you are
 constantly when working on the project.  It’s no fun to be with people you don’t enjoy. 
 You must also have similar visions for the project.
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Timothy Whealon and me at Hearst Towers
17. Designer secrets
The secret to perfectly lacquered walls is the painter!  A good painter will sand
 well between each coat of the many layers of paint it takes to get the look
 – Miles Redd
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With Miles Redd at the Museum of NYC
19.  Traditional Design is not boring!
“Slap anyone who says that traditional design is dowdy”
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With Alex Hampton at the Lee Jofa Show Room in the D & D Building, NYC
20.  Never Underestimate the Impact Your Job has On Your Children
When asked by Ann Maine, Editor of Traditional Homes, if she 
knew what her father, Mark Hampton did for a living, replied,
“Of course I did, I was probably the only second grader in
history, whose father took her class to the Kips Bay Show House.


 “There was a familiar smell of how my clothing smelled
 after I was in traveled through airports, that reminded me of how my dad smelled
 when he returned from his many trips.  I always knew his life was glamorous. 
 I think I was drawn to that glamour, but once I was living that life, realized
 what drew me to it is the very things about it I don’t enjoy”
(secret girlie tidbit from Alexa, which has nothing to do with design)
When asked why her eyelashes are so long, replied ” well, I do use revitalash”


Last but certainly not least…..
Don’t forget…
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From Katie Leede’s bathroom design in the Elle Decor Modern Concepts House 2012
Blogfest 2012 truly made me want to come home and dream big!
Here’s wishing you a happy Saturday!
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