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Caroline Simas, Fabulous Friends on Friday

 Sorry I have been MIA!  I Was Working Out of Town
 this Week and am Just Now Getting Back to My Blog!
Today’s Fabulous Friend on Friday is
 Artist Caroline Simas!  
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Caroline lives in Charlotte, NC like me!
The funny thing about her being my fabulous friend on Friday is…I have never actually met Caroline, but I felt she should be my fabulous friend today, because I just won these great  coasters she from her blog Designing for the SoulThey are from Coasterstone!  We are planning to have coffee in the near future so hopefully I will be getting to
 know Caroline better!
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Aren’t they adorable?  You can read about it here!
In her own words, Caroline is “a licensed artist
who is blessed to design for manufacturers, who use her art and patterns on products sold worldwide.  The bird coasters I won are part of a collection Caroline has licensed with Coasterstone!  I have to say, they are prettier in person than online!  I am thrilled over my new coasters!
A couple of the companies Caroline designs for are Tervis tumblersCoasterstone andDayspring and Demdaco but there are many more!  She has an exciting launch this summer with Creative-Co-Op which I am excited to see.  This product line will be her “Be Still and Know” line and the purpose of this line is to suggest you have a corner in your home where you made quiet time for devotions.  I think that is a lovely idea, don’t you? Here are some photos of products that will be in that line.
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(all photos courtesy of Caroline Simas)
Her company is called Multiple Blessings and if you click over and read her bio you will find out why this is the perfect name for her business!
Caroline’s blog is a sampling of her design passions, inspirations, sneak peeks into her new licensing agreements and busy life juggling a career and raising her four children.  She has a strong faith which often inspires her inspirational designs. Please check out her blog here and join her page on Facebook here!  
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As you can see Caroline is always smiling!  She says that is because she is doing what she loves!  I think it really shows, don’t you?  Caroline is also in the middle of a renovation in her home being designed by my talented friend Katie Emmons.  Who knows, may be they will let me come over after they finish and photograph so you can see!  That’s something I plan to discuss when I have my coffee with Caroline!  (Don’t’ tell her!)
Thank you so much Caroline for my beautiful coasters!  
I hope you sell tons and tons!  Can’t wait to see what you design next!  It is always a blessing to see someone who uses their talents to glorify God!  It is also good to see a local success story! Yay Caroline!  Keep up the good work!
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